Kundalini Awakening

image“I met Elet Elén here in Buenos Aries. I had the opportunity to meet Elet, A TEACHER who made me know, feel and vibrate through his POWER transmitting all through my body.

It is difficult to explain: I had different feelings, wonderful, full of love, everything was perfect all around me, nothing mattered more to me then.

I felt I had to surrender and be guided by his hands, as energy, which I broadcast through my body, so much energy that I was constantly vibrating. I had an incredible experience of total relaxation, total peace, not being able to control my body in the opening minutes. I did not understand what was happening, but it was so blissful I did not want to move even a moment.

When I returned to normal, I went to my house, I was so happy, the streets sonrreía me alone, I felt so much peace and love all around me, nothing bothered, I just wanted to stop time, sun and earth. It’s been 4 days and I still feel that sense of peace and love. Thanks Michael for being in this universe and I thank the universe for allowing our meeting. thanks, I’m happy.” (translated from Spanish)

The universe is consciousness. Everything is consciousness. Consciousness is what we come out of and what we go back into. Through the spiritual work of Tantric Awakening we can come to live this realization while we are in the seemingly separate space of a body.

Human’s being are miniature representations of the universe, all that is, and you will access your ALL through conscious exercises. You will find the key that will unlock the secrets of physical-emotional-sexual healing and come into the ever-flowing YES.

My Energy Work is a spontaneous process of awakening. You will transcend your present conscious state by learning to open your mind, your energetic body and Kundalini power, organically harness and use your unique vibration and cultivate Tantric Consciousness.

One thought on “Kundalini Awakening

  1. It’s been 6 months since the last time I have seen you and even now I continue to be inspired by your words and wisdom. Thank you Elet ❤️


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