Two bees and a sunflower


Two bees and a sunflower; how a sensual relationship should be.

A single bee, flying around, making buzzy sounds, chooses which sunflower to pollinate.
“I choose this.”
Another bee is somehow soul-drawn to the same bright shining source
“I am with you, here.”

Two bees unite together to a single point to focused their attention.
“This is that which I devote myself to.”
“As you choose, so do I.”

Two bees surrender together to the desire of the flower; the Divine.
“As I love you, so I love the Beloved.”
“As I love the Beloved, so I love you.”

Two bees cultivate the same singular source of nourishment, of learning and growth.
“You are part of me that I feed.”
“Let us grow in nourishing each other.”

They join together to pollinate and spread that source of love throughout the garden.
“Our love is a flowing stream.”
“Pray, let it permeate the world.”

Carrying the pollen, everything the bees touch is then embued with the essence of the flower.
Let us find each other in that soul-drawn source, become union, and allow love to flow though us for all the world to know.

One thought on “Two bees and a sunflower

  1. Short but powerful example and well worded. Thank you for this lession, as simple as it is to see it is often over looked by many. ❤️


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