De Sidere

imageI grew up as a good little Christian boy, divinely bestowed with guilt, firmly formed around anything remotely sexual. I was taught that desire was a sin, the lure of the caped red dude with a tail.

Along with coveting the neighbors wife, who is actually pretty hot, desire was to be shunned, ignored, stomped on and crammed down into the basement of our subconsciousness like a crazy, inbred cousin.

But, even way down there, I could hear it whisper in the night.

As a yogi, I learned that desire was attachement, Maya, a temporary, temporal distractions from Nirvana. Through great restraint I untied my ties to every urge of the body or emotions, to achieve great equinimity, even standing next to the neighbors wife. Did I mention she’s kinda hot?

But, desire ignored is a woman scorned, every so often she vies for attention with crazy eyes and a broken bottle. When we try to ignore or suppress any of our emotions they tend to show up in our shadows, controlling our action subconsciously.

We are not supposed to escape, sneak around or detour. Walk through your desire, consciously.

It’s common in our society to look at desire out of the corner of our eye while we’re pretending to watch Real Housewives. We flirt with it from an arms distance, but we’re ashamed, we never bring it home to meet our mother. We have become estranged from your own erotic impulses.

Yet, what would our life be without desire, without that tingle when the neighbor’s wife walks by in little booty shorts. Imagine sitting before a fire without heat. Seeing the flames but not feeling them, the warmth, the power, the danger. Our desire is the spark that lights our fire for life, the muse of our creativity, the reason men paint, write poetry, or do pretty much anything.

Desire is not something to transcend. Your desire is wholly holy.
Desire from the Latin “de sidere” denotes ‘from the stars.’
Your desire is God given. Rumi the Sufi mystic writes of God as the beloved for a reason. To truly know The Beloved is through desire.

God gave us sense-experiencing bodies as vehicles for conscious expression.
Through our sensual experience we experience and express God.

“You are the mirror through which I see God”
I am experiencing God as I watch the neighbors wife in those little booty shorts sashay by.
My perception of sexual beauty is me experiencing the divine in ALL beings.
Tantra is the expansion of perception into ALL being-ness.

I’m am expressing God in my arousal and desire for the neighbors wife in those little booty shorts. Perceived by sexual beings, God is, in that moment of desire, sexual.
Tantra is the transmutation of our sexual energy, Prana, or Chi into a creative power that gives life, heals and reunited us with the divine.
Tan-Tra – to ‘expand’ ‘deeper.’

“Sitting in Yab Yum, chakras aligned, eyes and hearts open, I allow my experience to expand as I lose the small Self in the mirror my partner creates. I let my beloved into my being, feeling her body heat. I feel the pressure of arousal build and flow up through her arms and legs, fingers and lips. Sharing Alternate Breath, I take her soul into my mouth, soak her into my being, tasting her intensifying hunger.

Arousal becomes need, need becomes joy, joy becomes love as it flows up through my heart, my sex, every pore of my body and being.

I allow myself to become engulfed in her light, consumed by the magnificence of loving, creating one melting body from two, uniting and magnifying the juicy, energetic, ecstatic flow of God.

Consciously we heart-focus on, what lies not only under the booty shorts, but beneath the skin. We penetrate through skin-perception, touching, holding and dancing as energy beings.

Our experience deepens, individualization dissipates through the sensually arousing, heart opening, mindfulness necessitated by diving into the ever-flowing, ever-changing, ever-expanding river of ecstatic bliss that is, essentially, God.

As I beckon her being to merge with mine, I am inviting the cosmic union of ALL the love, ALL the nurturing, ALL the power of God to enter me. Tantric union is expanding our sensual sense-consciousness to know another person as ALL persons, ALL universal BEINGness.

Through you, I know God.

Desire is not to be transcended. Consciously experienced and fully expressed, desire is the doorway to ultimate Transcendence.

Together we learn the powerful fundamentals and advanced esoteric techniques for transformation, transmutation and Divine Union, through a consciously awakening our fullest experience and expression of desire for each other, for life, for God.

We transcend our present state by opening our mind, awakening our Energy Body and purposely using our Kundalini Power, to live every day fully in ecstasy.

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One thought on “De Sidere

  1. I resonate with this! It wasn’t until after my first experience of tantric energy healing did I start to feel a deeper connection with my partner in sexual Union. It became easier to connect, to express, to let go of my thoughts and fears. I was able to feel my partners energy with the touch of my hands on his flesh. I was able to see energy vibrating through my eyes as it collided with his while making simple eye connect. I was able embrace his love and allow it to flow through me and consume me at the same time. Though I still have much to learn about Tantra and the ability to truely experience God through my vessel, I can say this experience alone has awaken a deeper side of me. Now I live more passionately and more continuously. I encourage myself every morning to always lead with a loveing heart and to continue to experience life in new and loving ways. After all isn’t that what life is all about? Food for thought😘❤️ Namaste


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