imageA woman gives birth to herself,
every time she is heard, every time someone sees her light, feels her love.
A woman gives birth to the world
every time she laughs, every time she cries in pain, cries out in pleasure.
A woman gives birth to her man
every time she inspires him, every time she teaches him, makes him feel holy.

As men we are the responsible for women,
For listening and seeing through to their light, their love;
For making them laugh, letting them cry and offering pleasure;
For raising their work, their words, their divinity

As men we are responsible to women
A man doesn’t need to steal what is freely given
A man offers himself immediately in service
A man is the bed on which his woman gives birth


One thought on “womb-man

  1. I found this to be insightful😊…. What a deep perception of how a man and woman serves each other in such a simple and natural way. How such a simple and natural view could be so easily over looked and neglected. The beauty of giving and receiving love is mesmerizing. The power of ecknowledgement and understanding of each other’s needs and desires is breath taking. To know this is powerful and to be this is love❤️ Once again it is a pleasure to read your words of wisdom… Namaste🌼


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