The intimate truth

imageI have come to this Earthly plane of existence to remind you of your souls truth. You know it already; you’ve written it in the stars eons ago. But you, like myself, had to forget for a while.

Our struggles are imperative to fully realizing our strength.

Ready? This is important. It is everything you need to know to live successfully, abundantly, ecstatically.

You are loved. You are caressed by the enfolding, expanding universe around you.

“Um, ok.” You might say. I’m loved by whom, and why?

You are loved by the wholeness of the universal conscious Oneness; the All I Am. We are all literally stardust particles flying through space, with so many unique colors and expressions, yet of one and only one source of life.

Like the many multicolored sprouts rising in a blanket of moss look individual yet are all one organism spread over the ground, so are we. We are all one life, feeling separate, feeling spread out over great distances, yet collectively one conscious-energy organism.

That wholeness, of course, is the infinitely more expanded consciousness of it’s parts. It is the greater “I.” It is the wellspring of eternal life that we dip our toes into every so often and come out again, refreshed, reborn, re-forgetting where and what we’ve just been.

It is this great whole(er) I-ness that is the infinitely more expanded conscious love that contains a deep, unconditional acceptance and adoration for all it’s parts; You, me and Tracy Lords. As a whole, call it Mother Nature or Father God, we wrap our collective energetic arms around us and just love, love, love us.

At any given moment, wherever you are, whether you are standing tall in the sun or shrunken in your own shadows, you can awaken to the knowingness, the sensation of these arms of your holy wholeness, wrapping around you, supporting you, accepting you, nourishing you, loving you. You are loved.

The “Beloved” is every present. Tantric Awakening opens our eyes to “Be-loved.”

Have you ever waited for you lover to arrive, high on the anticipation, too excited to sit still, giddy and swimming in the waves of love?

That burning desire, that need to explode, arises from within yourself. The flames of the Beloved are kindled within your own inner being. The infinite ONEness of the universe is within you right now. It’s not outside waiting somewhere. No one, not any other lover can make you feel that crazy yearning. You can access your bliss any time.

Close your eyes (after you read this) and try to feel that sensation right now. That ecstatic expectation, and the euphoric release of the first embrace. Feel it throughout your arms and legs, fingers and toes, with all of your being. Be buoyed by it like the ebb and flow of ocean waves. Let yourself become consumed in the taste. With every inhalation breath it in, fill yourself more and more. With every exhale eminate it out through your limbs, out your pores, all around you, out into the You-niverse.

Let your arms and body sway, let your sex pulsate, let your heart expand and overflow with the light of life, of love, of being “in” love.
You are loved as an individual because you ARE love as the whole swirling universal Beloved.

Try it.

Be Loved

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One thought on “The intimate truth

  1. Wow! That was amazing! It has been a while since I have read one of your blogs and I was very ready for another lession. I sure did get one. It is hard to put in to words the feeling that comes over me when I close my eyes and allow the universe to come alive in me. It is beautiful and peaceful. I can’t help but smile and feel complete. I read to day randomly that we are born wise and we are born complete. I feel this lession ties into that random quote. Once again reminding me that there are no accidents and we exerpeince everything for a reason. Thank you for doing all you do and for just being you. I truly injoy these blogs. Namaste❤️ -Erica


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