I claim you

imageAs a man I claim my woman.

I don’t mean claim as like a claim-check of ownership, but as an exclamation, an assertion,
“I am ONE with you.”

The masculine claiming his feminine like a crowing cock before the rising sun is a timeless metaphor throughout history. Claiming doesn’t mean possessing. To claim is to announce ones intentions.

“Claim” comes from Latin Clamare or Clamo. Etymologically, you can find it in every culture throughout history from:
Sanskrit उषःकाल uṣaḥkāla (“cock dawn-calling”).
Middle Irish cailech (“cock-call”),
Ancient Greek κλήση klḗsē (“to call”),
Latin. calō (“to call out, announce solemnly”),
Proto-Indo-European kele (“to shout”).

It is an exhibit of responsibility for your needs, desires, and nurturing your fullest self.
“I will tend to your body, hold your heart preciously, nourish your life.”
Needing to possess something or someone is a form of doubt.
Claiming is a form of knowing. When there is doubt, a possessive man will try to manipulate however he can to keep a woman for his own self validation. Claiming can only happen when there is no doubt, no longer a need for validation.
“I know in my soul that we are already ONE.”
Claiming is expansive, it is a message to you and the world that I support, worship and love your divine creativity.
Claiming is a focused, powerful, loving way of being.

When the masculine claims the feminine, he becomes the Shiva, the protective space, the conscious stillness and the clear stage on which she becomes the Shakti, completely free to dance her luscious cosmic dance of sensual beauty. As the Sacred Masculine develops and exhibits presence, integrity and focus, It becomes easy for the Sacred Feminine to express her organic orgasmic sensual being.

Coming together creates the energy of conscious attraction, like bringing two magnets together. An activation occurs creating ONE focus from two, invoking new growth, new life, energetically, emotionally and transcendence spiritually. Then, when we touch, our partners become us. We become one breath, one mind, one conscious vessel for flowing Spirit.

“I claim you. I claim my ONENESS with you, I shout it from the mountain tops, I roar it in the valley, i make my intention known like a prayer, you are mine.

8 thoughts on “I claim you

  1. I liked this very much. Romantic. And true. Nice to hear this from a male perspective as well. Speaks to single, right union. Like one soul mate that out does all other potentials due to an inexplicable, shared bond. Kudos.


  2. Beautiful words. I have been thinking myself into this position lately and I lacked words to describe my feelings in order to reflect on them and develop. Now its moving again.. .


  3. It seems however that the cultures listed here as examples with the word Claim as a root in their language are all patriarchal societies with histories of male chauvinism..


  4. What a beautiful perspective! What a beautiful and natural way to be. The truth of it is if more men knew this they would experience there chosen woman in such a unique way, for all woman dance differently. If more woman knew this they would feel more free to be who they truely are and able to reach there highest potential in connecting to the Devine. There would be a lot less doubt input partners and a lot more peace and beauty. Your teaching are most inspiring❤️


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