The infinite infant: The real story of the Nativity CHRIST mass.

imageJust like everything else in the Bible, it is a not a literal biography, but the story of my own inward transcendence.

On my spiritual journey back to God-Self union, through meditation and conscious expansion, I allow myself to be penetrated by the higher vibration of unconditional, Universal Love.

I become it’s (god’s) beloved, seeking to hold into myself that which can be re-birthed through me. Every experience becomes an expression of the divine as I nourish the divine seed, letting it grow and expand within my being so much so that there is no more room for Anything else but this love in my life. Nothing but love.

The nativity, the manger is a metaphor for how something extraordinary, the miracle birth of love can happen in the most meager settings, the barest hay-strewn floor becomes a temple. This temple is my own body. My earthly earthen vessel is all I need to experience the coming of Christ.

On “Christ-mass” eve, I lay down my burdens, open my body’s manger, and behold a child is born. Love.
The infinite as an infant takes shape in my consciousness as it expands, slowly at first, but growing to encompassing the moon, the sun and the stars.
I hear the higher healing vibration of angelic choirs.
I am witness to the unfolding of the manifesting universe.
I am ONE with the cosmic mover,

Christ has always represented the principle of perfect love in consciousness.
It is my body that holds this, gives birth to this, in every conscious moment of every day.
That means that the story of the coming of the Christ is retold every day… If me.
In our every conscious moment The infant infinite is birthed again within me.
And indeed it is a time for joyous celebration.
Merry Merry Christmas to you!!!!



One thought on “The infinite infant: The real story of the Nativity CHRIST mass.

  1. What a beautiful discription of Christ and love. It sets a deeper meaning to the idea of Christ and molds the perception of this particular biblical scripture. It’s amazing what can be gained through these old stories and the meanings they can hold. That was an insightful post and am glad I could have the pleasure of reading it. Namaste❤️


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