Feeling through the doing

imageBetween the moments when our lips find each other and I kiss you, is a universe.

In that moment before our lips meet, in that wide open synapses of universal union, my soul is awakened.

I swim in the endless and beginingless eons of sensuous consciousness, alive in the infinite swirling cosmos, and the singular spark of life. I live the beginning of man and our transcendence back into pure potential

I see that I am the All and that the All is nothing. Nothing  but a silent song of “YES.”

In that second I can feel beyond all of my actions, all my striving and struggle. Beyond all my ‘doing’ I recognize my BEING. The power of passionate presence.

I am instantaneously awash in the BLISS that all my ‘doing’ was seeking.
….energy flows,
…..obstructions are dissolved,
…..all the fear and stress in the world becomes absorbed in The Divine, Being Love.

My Tantric Yoga practice deals more or less with my degree of openness or closure in this present moment.

thats what yoga is, Divine Union. This is what life is. And life truly begins and ends in that moment between our lips finding each others’ and we kiss. The momentary ecstasy.

It’s ok to ‘do.’
Doing is needed. Without ‘doing’ kisses would not occur.
But while doing, pray. Remain in a state of feeling through the ‘doing.’
Without getting seduced by stories, or distracted by the hardness of things,
feel through the mists of appearances and find the stillness within.

Between the moments, feel love. Know love.

Then, in that universe, in that moment, kiss me.


One thought on “Feeling through the doing

  1. Powerful, Loving, insightful, passion! These are the words that come to me after reading this post. The meaning runs to the core of my vessels fibers. There is only one moment I can really resenate with this. A moment when all I could see was him and the energy just radiating out of my eyes, felt it seep through my skin and my womb. I remember feeling so connected and one with my partner, one with the universe. A mark was left in the moment in time. A place I I strive to be again. – Namaste❤️


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