How to a Change the World



Truth is only resonate agreement among the masses; what Is deemed good/bad, or pleasant/sad. It’s hard for us to explore anything new that hasn’t already been justified by others.Close your eyes and look within.

On a roller-coaster two people can have opposite experiences. Neuroscientist show us that fear and excitement are the exact same chemical. It’s only our habituated relationship to the experience that causes our reaction.

Circumstances do not create your experience. ‘State of BEING’ creates your experience.

If you want a new unique pleasant experience practice your ‘State of BEING.’ Become totally responsible for your ‘State of BEING.’ Treat your ‘State of BEING’ like your little baby. When someone says something unpleasant you don’t drop your baby, hopefully you remain conscious enough to hold it still in your arms. You focus on your baby to the exclusion of all else.

Focus on your ‘State of BEING’ to the exclusion of all else. Hold it still in your arms. Nurture it consciously.

Our mass ‘State of BEING is creating the world we experience.

If you want change the world practice your ‘State of BEING.’


One thought on “How to a Change the World

  1. I’m excited to try this one. I’ve been working on self awareness and being more contious of my own thoughts as well as steps I choose to take in any present moment. I suppose this is my state of being. Eliminating everything in my mind and just be who I am in this moment. My idea of what you mean is this meditated moment clears our minds and allows us all to get back in touch with the Devine. This is a good experience and a peaceful one. The more I do this the more good experiences I have and the better I handle hard situation. This generates peace and love. Love changes people and is the best example to set. If there is more please feel free to add. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Namasta ❤️


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