Passion – pass “I” on

imageIt is in those ecstatic moments of conscious passion that you feel most alive.

You feel your heart beating, the blood coursing through your veins, your entire being vibrating.
You openly sense that person next you energetically undulating in synchronicity.
You are aware of the entire universe, for at that moment you feel it as your cosmic skin.

You are the capital “I” – the center of the center, the source of the source, the still, universal consciousness creative principle, the Sacred Being-ness, being experienced; fully expressed.

You are flowing and emanating Life Force.
You engulf and envelope everyone around you in that passionate energetic embrace.
You are love, awakening, healing ecstasy and you are passing it on to all beings, near and far.

Be passionate about everything; making love and making cookies.
Passion is giving yourself so completely to the moment that you loose your “self” somewhere.
When you are in a passionate kiss, nothing else but love exists, do everything just like that.
Make love to the universe with your every word, your every action, your every delicate gesture.
In this way you are creating, with your love and Life Force, a new world of peace, love and joy.

Pass “I” on.



2 thoughts on “Passion – pass “I” on

  1. To know what “I” really means here you really have to experience it. I’ve also know there is different levels of it. Depending on how much you give to the moment really depends on the level of experience. It truely is a beautiful experience each and every level.


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