The Power of Passionate Presence

imageIf I could pray for anything for all FaceBookers and fans, all my clients and students, my beloved, my friends, and our children it would be for them all to be happy.

I want the world to be happy.

If I could do anything, anything at all, it would be to this aim.

Now, I don’t have much to work with here. All I have is myself. But I imagine that I can still make a difference. Don’t you?

Imagine if you could bring happiness to all those around you. Wouldn’t that be a miracle?

Imagine that you didn’t have to do anything, but that your every thought sent “happiness” waves that affected your lover, your children and even the plants in the room. What a beautiful world we could create together.

Now, thought-generated, aura-changing flowing electromagnetic waves are scientifically proven phenomena. Experiments show that the experimenter’s thoughts affects the outcome of the experiment and In medicine it is known that laughter increases white blood cells and enhances the whole immune system.

Prayer (focused intention) has been shown to work. But it’s not the prayer itself, it’s the presence, passion and power behind the words that effect our world.

Our every thought, emotion, act and intention is a prayer to the universe.

Let me write that again,

Our every thought, emotion, act and intention is a prayer to the universe.

We are projecting our energetic-creating presence out into the universe every day, every second, always and in all the ways we see, feel, touch, taste and enjoy ourselves, we are emitting, creating happiness or sadness in the world. And you are not alone, there’s 6.5 gazillion of us projecting our energetic-creating presence out into the universe. How the world looks today is created by us.

All those billions of inner conversations of shame and fear, or gratitude and happiness are pollen for the flowers, perpetuating what we experience.

Quick quiz: what kind of world are you creating with your thoughts, feelings and actions?

If your blurt the words, “I want to happy” between mouthfuls of your Big Mac, that is a prayer to the universe to look like the Ham-Burglar. If that makes you happy, awesome.

Our prayer (focused intent) is not only words, it is presence, the way we sit, being aware of the way we move our fingers, the intensity of our presence as we sip our caramel latte, It is being ecstatically passionate about our every word, our every thought and action, and of our union with Spirit in every experience, from the smile of our beloved to folding her sacred intimates.

It is knowing the All cosmically and cellularly.

Close your eyes for a moment and feel the presence of your arms; their physical weight,

the warmth of the blood being pumped through them,

perhaps the slight vibration of energy emanating from them,

around them, around your torso.

Feel your emanations as you inhale and exhale.

Feel how far you can feel yourself protruding throughout the room.

Feel the room.

Breathe the room in.

Breathe in the electric essence of all things.

With expanding awareness you lose the differentiation between your physical skin and the walls of the room.

The consciousness of your pumping blood merges with the rhythmic pulse of the atmosphere around you.

Your mind is no longer contained to ideas of a bodily brain.

You are knowing, you are being, you are the All and the clear BEINGness within.

Here every spark of thought is colored on an infinite palate of potential.

All that is, exists because you become aware of it.

This is the field of creation.

This is the power of passionate presence.



Focus your intent to create

Speak a word of love

And it so it is




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