beyond limitation

imageYour potential is beyond limitation, beyond fear, beyond doubt.

You are tired of not living your potential.
You are tired of being fearful, of doubting yourself.
You are tired of being tired, of living day to day of self-denial and self-restriction, feeling confined by the obligation seemingly imposed by your past, by society and the judgment of others.

You long to be free, free to express yourself, your passion and desires, without judgement.
You long to be free, free to experience your power, your passion, your fullest sense of self.

You know you are not your name, nor actions, nor barely your own thoughts.
Most of what you perceive as “Self” is limited to what you’ve been told is right,
what you’ve been told to do, and especially what not to do.

In the past you have felt that if you concentrated on your own happiness and wealth and evolution, you would disappoint those around you, leave them behind or hurt them in some way. You stayed miserable out of feelings of obligation. Those days are done.

You don’t do anyone around you any good by continuing negative cycles or emanating the energy of disappointment.

When we find happiness, when we possess the power of passionate presence, when we generate and express joy, it becomes contagious and permeates all those around us. You see the difference in your relationships to your spouses (and ex’s), your children and friends.

We can all feel when the person standing next to us is passionate and happy.
Our heart feels that irresistible resonance and cries “Yes, that, I want that.”

The best thing we can do for others is to be happy ourselves.
The second best thing we can do is be a silent example of seeking our sacred selves regardless of what we’re experiencing from other around us.
You are the light in the darkness. BEing, is the best teacher; healer; lover.

Once you experience a taste of your limitless truth your life has changed forever.
From that moment on you are never the same. You are Eve, altered by the knowledge of life.
Once you have a moment of realization, once you have felt universal consciousness, once you have experienced true power, once you know your Sacred Self, you know too there is another way to live.

Mediocracy is now loathsome. Limitation is unbelievable. Fear seems silly.
You are willing to die to your old self every day to awaken to your ecstasy, your passion, your fulfillment, your truth as your Sacred Self.

There is residue of old fear in your body, but there is a part in you that is not scared nor inhibited at all. You challenge your inhibitions, look at the life-patterns of fear and reaction.
You are the flow of cosmic creation and eternal evolution.

You no longer try to resist the winds of inner change like a brittle tree, letting your life experiences be continuously filled with splinters and breaks.
You are learning to flow and the layers are falling away like dying autumn leaves.
You relish the nakedness, basking in the light and the moonlight dance.

You no longer feel shame of your wholeness, nor fear what’s real. You no longer fear looking within. You know longer feel panic or close up when emotionally naked to others.
You’ve come to new experience and relish the moment with joy.
It’s the difference between thinking about living and experiencing life itself.

An opening happens when you are seen in the light.

You feel free and accepted just as you are, to yourself and everyone else.

You experience and express your whole self fully.

You are empowered and in harmony with the universe.

You see nothing but beauty, love and perfection everywhere.

You know with your heart what is real and right.

You feel loved completely and love others easily.

All you desire is magnetically attracted to you.

You are focused, at peace, grateful and joy-filled.

Expand now beyond thought; beyond limitation, beyond fear, beyond doubt.

Who are you now in this moment, what does it feel like to be your Sacred Self?

Awaken to your Sacred Self with the Power of Passionate Presence.


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