I + love = you

I’ve discovered the magic formula of infinite creation. I have in my hand the philosophers stone, the Alchemists treasure, the holiest of grails.

“I love you”

“I love you” is not just a bunch of powerful, healing, transcending words.
The secret hidden within them is the key to life itself.

The key to unlock your understanding of this magic formula is in it’s mathematical formula.

I + love = you

I will break it down for you so that you remember your own timeless truth.

“I” –
We are all the One Soul in it’s perfectly silently and still Satchitananda; perfect peaceful being, perfect infinite consciousness and perfect ecstatic bliss. We are beyond manifestation, beyond all thought, beyond intention.
Soham सो ऽहम् or
Tat Tvam Asi – तत्त्वमसि
I am THAT.

Our One Soul state of being is intangible, our consciousness is so all-encompassing that nothing matters more than another, and our bliss is so holy whole that it has no focus on object, no direction, no intention, just bliss for bliss.

“LOVE” –
When our One Soul gives focus to bliss, it becomes intentional, it becomes love.
All that is created is created from the focusing bliss into love.
Everywhere love is focused becomes the object of love.
We create materiel existence to experience love.

Even though your individual awareness sometimes doesn’t recognize the bliss,
All that you experience you have created from the energy of bliss.
We as the One Soul, with infinite consciousness, focus infinitely, on every infinite potential possibility; even the infinite potential variations you.

“YOU” –
To be able to experience infinite potential variations,
through love you have created every possible cosmic form, including “mine.”
I exist because you love. You exist because I love.
You exist for me to express love.
I exist for you to experience love.

From a place of bliss, It is your love that creates all the manifest universe,
creates your life, creates life itself.
And when you see me, or anyone
When you notice the stars in the sky and the snow covering your car,
Know that we are all here for you to know love
And you have created all you see, all you experience,
from a place of focused bliss, for you to love.

Now that you know that all you see is created out of love for your pleasure,
Now that you know that all you see is made for you to love,
Now do you feel the incredible power behind the words, “I + love = you.”

“I love you” is powerful

“I love you” is healing.
Remembering that, even this moment, is created by you, out of bliss, for you to love.
Look that person or that situation straight on and say knowingly, “I love you.”

“I love you” will alchemically turn the basest moment into something golden.

That precious moment will be a transcending leap into your cosmic truth,
your fullest power,
your infinite awareness,
your bliss.

Create your life with love

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