The Power of Passionate Presence



There’s gotta be MORE to life than numbly plodding through the motions of what’s expected of us. There you sit stalled somewhere between stop signs wondering why you feel so unsatisfied with it all.

You know that there is MORE to your existence than birth-school-work-death.

You know that you are capable of so much MORE than what you’re expressing.

You know that you are capable of way MORE pleasure and joy than you’re experiencing.

You know it’s out there somewhere in the unattainable ethers.

In the quiet moments you feel a calling to greatness. You can’t see it, can’t even image how, but you feel it so close, so close you can feel it vibrating just beyond your finger tips as you reach out. You know there is a deeper aspect of you that you haven’t yet explored, so you bought this book.

You feel the need to know it, to experience and express this deeper “MORE” of you, but you don’t fit into organized religions and philosophies aren’t big enough for the “MORE” that you know is there.

Our generation is anti-authoritarian and individualistic, we don’t like and don’t want to be lectured in the old oppressive ways that no longer work in this new paradigm.

In a time were the dogs of war are wagging their dogma with weaponry, It’s time to transcend regurgitated belief and take what is true in ALL religious books back into our hands and find what it means to ourselves, by ourselves, for ourselves.

As we expand beyond all the arguing, reading, doing, beyond the mind, beyond the body, there is an individual experience of “MORE” through that cannot be explained, but can be experienced within oneself.

Your “MORE” is available to you whether your sitting on your fluffy pillow or in the corporate boardroom, whether you’re yoga-ing it up in the downtown studio or sorting the whites with a teething toddler on your hip.

The Spiritual practices of expanding into your “MORE” doesn’t have to be this dusty old sterile dogma. It can be new, fun, sensual and above all incorporated into your modern lifestyle.

It might not be your life’s path to wear robes or run naked into the woods devoting your life to solitude and meditation.  You’ll most probably remain in your job, with your family, doing what you do, yet you’ll be distinctly more present to it all. and not just present to life, but passionately present to life. It is this passionate presence that become the power for the rest of your life. Imbued with the power of passionate presence, you make love and make cookies all with new authenticity, wholeness, certainty, and certainly more love.

With the power of passionate presence, your path becomes clearer, your work becomes meaningful, your relationships with your beloved and even strangers deepen, your passions ignites your sexuality into a sacramental fire, your speech become more nourishing. You laugh louder and judge right and wrong less. You’ll no longer feel the need to seek approval. You’ll dance like everyone is clapping and naturally offer kindness to everyone around you.

And it’s still life, you will be faced with a new awareness of your light and your dark corners, and be made to make those tough life changes and choices of how you want to live in the world. “MORE”  is not just dressing up fancy on Sundays, it’s getting down and dirty every day, moments of seeking becomes life itself.

You know those droopy people who sleepwalk slack-jawed and bleary-eyed, seeing nothing but negativity in their mundane angst. They aren’t present, they have lost their passion, they feel and act powerless.

You know people who dance with ecstatic abandon even in the rain, seemingly miraculously blessed no matter what they do, surrounded with love and loving people. They are present, passionate and powerful.

Which do you choose to be?

This is the moment here.

This resonates deep within you.

You are ready to make a small change to experience the miracle of your own life force.

This is the path and Power of Passionate Presence.

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