the door way


You have had surprising sporadic moments of awakening, tiny tastes of higher consciousness.

It could have been that walk in the woods in which you felt truly connected to the falling leaves, the breeze seemed to blow through you and the light streaming through the trees penetrated your being. It could have been that deep sexual surrender with your partner, flooded in the rhythmic bursts of passion, exploding through your veins until you climaxed into the void of pure bliss. It could have been that moment in Savasana in which all your thought patterns faded away and you suddenly knew and felt embodied by the entire starry cosmos.

It’s the sudden curious consciousness in which you witness everything more clearly, you see colors more vividly and you sense everything more deeply. In that magical moment the rest of your life up until that point seems to have been filmed by someone else in black and white. You feel immediately free, instantly in love. You cry and laugh and dance to the beat of your own throbbing, pounding, vibrating heart. This is life. This is passion, this is presence. This is a moment of awakening.

Then it’s lost.

Sometimes you only notice you were momentarily awake when you realize you’ve fallen back into sleep. That powerful passionate presence was exhilarating, magical and oh so natural. You know you should be living that way all the time, but you’re not.

Was that passionate moment a fluke, was the precious moment lost?

No, it’s these minute moments of wakened conscious ecstasy that make us hunger for more.

As a prisoner who doesn’t see the walls of his cell won’t try to escape, so we, not seeing our reality never feel inclined to aspire to our “MORE.”

My teacher’s teacher would call this the “Terror of the Situation” when we are faced with our actual state of consciousness compared to a higher-consciousness experience. It should terrify and terrorize us to change.

Traditionally, the first exercise I offer students is the “Doorway.”

For one week devote yourself to just this one exercise. Know that if you do, and succeed at it, you will see the face of the Divine.

It consists of this: Each time you pass through a doorway, be present to yourself.


It doesn’t work if you cheat and do it beforehand or afterwards. You must do it just as you pass through a doorway, the bedroom doorway, the cafe entrance, and boardroom, even your car door.

Precisely in that moment, feel yourself from the inside out, be one hundred percent aware of thought, your emotional state, the physical sensation of your body, feel your entire being vibrating and emanating and what you’re gifting the world.

Devote yourself to this simple exercise for one week. Make this exercise the most important aspect of your daily life, for just one week. At the end of the week elucidate on what it has shown you about yourself.

Celebrate the moments when you are faced with the terror of your situation and devote yourself to conscious change, to awakening your power of passionate presence, to live in that magnitude of bliss every day, to make love with animal furor, to swim in an ocean of abundance, to dance with the divine in every moment of life.


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