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Strive to create the perfect life, Slave to make money, Search for someone to love.

The call to “more” emanates from the root of the root of our connection to the divine play of cosmic creation. Follow this calling through the world, listen to its lessons, rise to its challenge, dance to its music.

And in every moment of exalted experience, give it up. let it flow through you and out of you. Don’t try to capture it. Don’t become attached to the story. You see it is not desire, or wanting, or lust that was the serpent’s apple, it is the attachment to the results that causes suffering and sin (distraction).

There comes a point where in your striving, slaving and searching you run out of breath, out of energy and out of your mind you see theres nothing more you can do. You tried so hard to make things happen all day and it just amounted to aggravation, disappointment and jealousy. Give it up.

Fall upon your knees, give it all up, and succumb to the divine creative force that you have been pushing against. Let go of your judgements and expectations. Release the “DOING” of the mind. Open your heart to “BEING.”

BEING, consciously and wholly being, is loving. And love is an energetic flow. In this extraordinarily energetic conscious flow there is nothing that seems needing done, nothing we need that we don’t already have within, nothing that could make us even more complete than the love that we are in.

When we struggle to conquer the world (ourselves) we energetically attract more struggle.

When we consciously love the world (ourselves) we energetically attract more love.

Love is a river; It is never still and always in motion, ever flowing, ever changing, ever expanding. If we try to contain it, it becomes stagnant and looses its life force. Let your life be the same. Give it up.

Strive to create the perfect life and laugh when you miss the mark, Slave to make money and let it go as easily when your car needs a new clutch, Search for someone to love and love them when they continue their path alone. In every moment of exalted experience, Give it up.

Let go, Give up. Love.


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