Here Lies, The Truth

FullSizeRender 5Knowing the truth makes us feel safe. The unknown is scary.

Fear is the only reason we clamor for the truth.

Not pandering to our fears allows us to live in the moment.

But this demands of us an open heart. Most of us are too fearful to meet that demand.

We are terrified by vulnerability, surrender, presence.

We would rather stick a ready-made borrowed “truth” in front of us as a shield so we don’t have to actually meet life with our vulnerable open hearts.

Once we have decided on the truth of the matter we no longer have to search, or feel, or experience. The mind becomes solidified, our actions are justified. But that’s just the thing, what we say is truth is only what we’ve decided it is, individually or more usually as a gang, or culture.

We will never intellectually understand the truth. All our truths are false inso much that they do not include all the information on anything. We cannot grasp all universal aspects of anything  with our mind. But we can with our heart. Cosmic consciousness is not thought but felt.

To know, to really know someone, or anything, or real truth, we must forfeit the ego’s safety and our mind’s justifications for the opening of our vulnerable feeling but infinite heart.

We would never know the ocean by judging only the tumultuous surface, we have to dive deep into it’s calm depths to the source. Let our fortifications tumble and be energetically entered by the experience in the moment. Become one with that person, with that idea, with that experience; feel deep into the depths of the heart.

I rarely ask questions of a person, for their truth is not in their words but in their energetic body. Everything we generally offer others is drawn from ideas of appearance and conformity that has nothing to do with our souls expression. Pause the mind and open the heart. Stop talking and hold each other in an energetic soul-embrace and experience all there is to know of each other. Know the power, the passion and presence of that person, that idea, that flower’s vibration. Dive in, become consumed, overtaken and enraptured by the depth of the infinite experience.

Transcend the need for safety, forget needing intellectual truth. Meet the today’s experience with your open heart. Find out who you are with complete openness. Because the truth is, we aren’t even perceptively aware of the truth about ourselves.

What we generally experience of our selves as we drive through our fast-food life is only a infinitesimal amount of our infinite being.

If there are any icebergs left when you read this, think about the image of an iceberg.

You see it jutting up magnificently, bright and shiny out of the ocean. Yet, what we see is only the surface aspect of the whole. It’s easy to forget that 90% of an iceberg is below the surface. Below the surface it’s MORE is huge and it’s MORE’s gravity is stabilizing it in the depths of the oceans currents.

We are just the same. What we see of ourselves and others is just “the tip of the iceberg.”

Our infinite being rests unseen, unexperienced, unlived, below the surface. Below the surface of our often tumultuous life we are ever calmly centered in our own true depth.

Gurdjieff used the parable of how our blind searching for truth is like the blind men and an elephant:

“A community of blind men heard that an extraordinary beast called an elephant had been brought into the country. Since they did not know what it looked like, they resolved to find the animal and obtain a “picture” by feeling the beast—the only possibility that was open to them . . . One man felt the elephant’s trunk and declared the creature to be like a water pipe. Another man brushed the elephant’s ear and stated that the creature was like a fan. Still another man touched the tusks and found the creature to be sharp. Another man rubbed the leg of the elephant and declared the creature to be like a pillar, while the last man felt the elephant’s back and believed the creature to resemble a throne.

After their individual experiences they reconvened and extorted about their individual knowledge but soon began arguing and fighting because they all knew they had the true experience.

But yet none had the complete experience. Even though they had separate experiences, below the surface of perception, the elephant was one truth.

In a way we can remember that a possible reason we all have differing experiences even of god, is that god is experiencing itself through our millions of ideas, emotions and perceptions.

How beautiful is that?

In our individual paths of perception and experience what we know as our truth is only temporal and incomplete, yet all our paths lead to the OneTruth under the surface.

With one glimpse, a single taste of your inner “MORE” you will suddenly realize, even if it is just a kernel at first, the truth of the cosmos.

You won’t be able to express in words or even picture it in your mind, for you cannot fit the infinite into the finite. But you will know it as your MORE-ness.

You will then know that understanding will never come from books or other peoples mouths.

For all their good intentions it’s impossible to recapitulate the ephemeral. All understanding comes directly through experience.

The Cosmic Truth doesn’t fit in the individual human mind.

Conversely anything arising in the individual human mind is distorted because of it’s  incompleteness and disconnect from the whole.

The individual human mind cannot actually perceive the truth of what’s going on even in the present moment for it is clouded with habitual responses and memories of the past. Everything is filtered, diluted, not straight from the source.

We try to make things that we don’t understand fit in our finite mind, make them seem logical and in sync with what we already know. But this way we never acquire truly anything new,

Unless a person has a had the direct experience of cosmic MORE, their knowledge is only the surface of the whole, and at best minute. All mortal elucidation is conditional dependent on the immediate circumstances and changes from moment to moment.

All you have learned since birth has been only the uninformed opinions of others. All we continue to learn from peers and worldly influences are half truths and habitual responses passed on by those who have never seen the truth, only taken what they read as good enough.

When this is our only basis of knowledge we don’t really know anything.

Unless any thought includes MORE in its entirety, and it’s effect on the conscious vibration of everything in the universe, including that thought, it’s very foundation is inaccurate.

Yet, a moment in silence will discover ALL.

What is true doesn’t change or waver over time, culture or conditions.

The best we can do is admit to ourselves that we don’t know ourselves, it will make us want to experience it, that we don’t know others, it will make us want to experience them, and we don’t know god, for it will make us want to experience that.   

So even as I write, as I’m throwing around words like the Divine, god, universal consciousness, remember that they are only temporary words, needed to describe the surface of an indescribable infinite experience.

Are your experiences expanding your awareness of comic all-inclusion, or are you stuck in one dogma, one idea, one thought. I can tell you if you adhere like duct tape to one dogma, it’s been borrowed from some dead guy. That truth is not yours. Give it back and discover your own.

Do you have thick lines between right and wrong, us and them, god and little ol’ you.

You are limiting yourself, your experience and self-expression and you are limiting god.

You cannot truly live life from the other side of the walls you’ve built. Let the experience of divine vibration echo through your being like the trumpet that crumbled Jericho’s walls.

Here’s a big one: The truth is never ever found in the past. The past is all in you mind.

The truth is never ever found in the future. The future is imaginary.

The only truth is found right here, right now.

Awakening, Expanding, Opening, Being entered by Experience, This is your MORE, your constantly flowing truth. No Lie !!!

This is the path of the Power of Passionate Presence


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