How To Love 101

I had a conversation about attachment to “our” lovers last night. It was agreed on that having something so beautiful as love and trying to horde unto ourself is sad. If we have something beautiful why don’t we feel joyous to share it. I could only answer in part, that what most feel from me, are attracted to, and wish to claim as their own, has nothing to do with me.

Elet is but a, slightly dusty clay ewer. But what fills and pours out of that slightly dusty ewer is conscious love. That is what people wish for and cling to, the conscious love, not the slightly dusty ewer.

That conscious love is everywhere. It is All around me as well as vibrating in me. This vibration emanates divinity but resonates the vibrational level the receiver is on. When I hug someone they may feel bliss or they feel sex, depending on the tint of their life-goggles. Physically it’s just a squeeze, the reaction is an intellectual response to past emotions of the receivers creation. But I digress.

What many call love, is a glomming for security, resound in fear. They fear that the sensation of peace, joy and wholeness they feel co-dependently, will escape them. Unfortunately, since it’s codependent, It will – always.

Only when we give dependancy away, dropping everything from our arms, can we pick up something new.

Love comes from peace, peace comes from knowing ONEness. When we are opened up to knowing through meditation or my Shakti Energy Healing, we see everything through the eyes of God on a quantum cosmic level. We see everything in it’s most minute particle and realize it as a universal whole.

This allows me to see you as me and I know that I am a part of the all, which we can call God or the Absolute or Jose. At this point the confinement of names like wife or Jose is not reality. We automatically find our place in the flow of universal evolution and we express this in passionately loving.

Love is expressed in two ways. Love is 100% complete acceptance of another, without exception. Think about it, complete acceptance of every aspect of a person. We have many contradictory aspects that make up the whole story and so many of our consequential actions seem contradictory as well. If I love your sensuality I have to also love the way your sensuality is a magnet for every other man. It’s like saying I love this house, except I hate that one room. Well, that room is part of the whole house, so you don’t really love the house. I love and so accept completely every aspect of you, from the way you worship me to how you spill your wine on me. It is all beautiful to me, both because it is wholly you and because I see you at your quantum cosmic goddess-ness.

Love is also the overwhelming compulsion to nurture. I love, accept and will nurture you completely, feeding you my love, clothing you in positive reinforcement and lighting your path, even if that path leads away from me. That is nurturing without attachment, with out the dramatic expectations and the ensuing pain from failure to cling to all that doesn’t belong to us.

How can another person belong to me. I drive my car, I do not belong to the car, the car belongs to the driver.

Love drives me, love does not belong to me, I belong to love.

I completely trust in and sail on the winds of serendipity. But, It is not blind faith. I know my part of the bargain is that I must be prepared and be in a state of openness for the gifts that are given. otherwise I am refusing the grace of God. It’s like I am adrift in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Poland, hoping for a good wind. I am asleep, dreaming about buying sails, but never buying sails. I awake, wondering why I’m not going anywhere. The good wind that came, I made useless to me. I refused the momentary, monumental gift through inaction.

Be ever open to and accept love.

My job, if I want you in my life, (a momentary, monumental gift) is to create a home in my arms for you to come to, whether you do or not. It’s filling my refrigerator with goddess-food, just in case you arrive. It’s using my song to carry you into the heavens, honoring your ability to fly, with me or,  sniff – sniff, away.

Love is a flowing river.
It can wash and cleanse us.
We can drink it in allowing it to fill us completely, until we are nothing. Nothing but love.

But we cannot grasp it in our fingers.
Why are we able to float on top it, but not grasp it with our fingers?
To carry us it must remain flowing, always flowing. When we dance in it it’s current it is never the same. The water that was there a moment ago is gone, heading to Poland. What we see as a constant is ever changing.

This is the power and reality of love. Flow. If we are not giving and receiving love, in every moment, being passionate in every chance we get, we are not then in the flow.

I will walk with you, hand-in-hand into these waters. We shall swim together in the ebb and flow with sensual abandon. Let it carry us away like fallen leaves.

I will not try to grab onto you, which would pull you under, drowning what I love. Attachment would cause this suffering. I will alway remember that what I feel in you is divine, to be celebrated, perhaps even worshiped.

I say you are mine, not because the ‘you’ I see belongs to me, but because it is the ‘you’ I see, with whom I share my love.


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