Spiritual Truth (continuation of “Here Lies, The Truth)

FullSizeRender 7So, what then is beneath the iceberg, your glossy surface you show to everyone?

What is the (as much as we can comprehend) truth of you whole Self, your MORE?

Let’s start with energy. Too far fetched?

Does Holy Spirit ring a bell?

All religious books have been telling us to search for and give ourselves to Holy Spirit for as long as they could chisel it in rock.

So what is spirit?

Spirit in the original Latin is spīrāre, meaning “breath.”

in Hebrew נְשָׁמָה, meaning “breath.”

in Arabic نفس, meaning “breath.”

in Sanskrit प्राण, meaning “breath.”

Holy Spirit, God, All of everything is breath or flowing conscious energy.

Inspire (en-spirere) means to breathe in.

We feel “in-spired” when we take in and comprehend ourselves as the creative breath of Spirit.

We are one with the vibration of the divine breath or cosmic conscious energy.

Einstein worked it out as e=mc2, everything, every object and Bob down the street are energy.

Below the surface of everything is cosmic conscious energy.

There is nothing but cosmic conscious energy in all forms.

There is never more or less energy, only energy changing form.

Seeing ourselves in our MORE is experiencing ourselves as vibrating cosmic conscious energy, and the world around us as the exact same vibrating cosmic conscious energy manifesting in a million forms.

If all is cosmic conscious energy then The ALL is Energy, god is energy too.

A thousands years and wars ago maybe it was easier to relate to something that looked familiar, so we gave that energy a beard and thunderbolt. Maybe today it’s easier not to anthropomorphize what we feel. We no longer need the cartoons & charactures. It’s all cosmic conscious energy. Its all our MORE.

Under the surface of the iceberg, under the myopic appearances of your daily droning life, you feel your MORE and god as the same, you can now see MORE as divine, perfect and holy, and wholly powerful as any other picture of god.

How do you now act at the coffee shop, now that you know you are the all powerful cosmic conscious creative energy of god(dess) ?

Do you worry or react in judgement or fear? Nope.

Do you live your life as exuberantly as you can? Yup!

Do you love freely and make love in every moment? Hell, Yeah !

Do you offer your Power, Passion and Presence to others? Yes, please. Thats part of your flow.

You get to choose what your truth is and how you want your life to be.

I choose all of the above and more. In every way I choose I’m experiencing myself expressing my MORE, still learning my truth.


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