Ecstatic Prayer

FullSizeRender 8What could be better than achieving world peace? What could be better than a soul churning orgasm?

What about both at once? This is Prayer !

This isn’t your grandpa’s prayer. I’m not talking about reciting something you memorized at the stiff hand of old Sister Henrietta, nor petitioning any bearded (or horned) idol.

Let’s take back our power of prayer.

Prayer: from “precāria,” – the practice of communion with one’s God.

Communion: from cum (“with”) + mūnus (“gift”) – a joining together of minds or spirits.

Prayer is communion with the MORE. Since we are the MORE we’re searching for, it”s really communion with ourselves.

How do we as cosmic conscious creative energy communicate with our highest vibrational source?  Through resonance, vibrating at the same frequency.

To vibrate at that higher frequency I do things that raise my vibration, that make me peaceful, or joyous or emanate great love.

Scientific studies show that electromagnetic waves generated by our emotional state emanate through and all around our bodies.

Experiments show that emotional states affect the outcome of experiments.

In medical practice it is known that laughter increases white blood cells and enhances the whole immune system. Our self-generated emotional state can create miraculous healing, or disease.

Practicing the power of passionate presence, being passionately present to the present moment brings us to a state of joy. The greater the experience of joy the stronger the vibration we send out into the world. What brings greater joy than passionate loving?

What works for you?

Feeling passionate love for your children, giving passionate service to community charities, delving passionately into the cookie jar, passionate mind blowing orgasms? If being consumed in the fires of sexual ecstasy bring you to your highest vibration of joy, thats your communion with your highest vibrational source, that’s your prayer.

My prayers are often little poems I hand write after I realize how appreciative I am for waking up again to the birds outside my window. Each morning I feel totally blessed, I might grab a book and read some Rumi and write a response to the bliss in my heart.

Often my prayer is in the form of ecstatic dance, being completely consumed and taken by music, allowing the music to flow through and move my body. In these conscious joy-filled moments I am in resonance with my highest vibrational source.

Prayer then doesn’t have to be solemn it can be playful, it doesn’t have to be still, it can be loud. It doesn’t have to be at the foot of the statue it can be at the belly of your beloved.

It can be shouted from the mountain tops and whispered under the sheets.

When we become resonate with our highest vibrational source, One with creation, we are creating. Creating is our natural state. It is up to us, our ideals, ideas and emotional state to guide our constant creation.

Prayer then is not pleading for things.

Prayer is realizing everything you’re manifesting.

Of course in a true moment of resonate with your highest vibrational source, in-line with the Divine, you won’t ask “Dear, lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz,”

You actually become desire-less.

So all your prayers are answered by your very being.

And just like being in any sacred union, prayerful communion is a reciprocal two way street.

If you pray into your MORE for answers, you should expect to spend some time listening for them.

Everything you experience in life is part of this sacred sensual play.

In every experience you are creating there is a message from you for you.

Perhaps the message is “she’s the one”

Perhaps the message is “stop doing that.”

How do you interpret these guiding messages?

Check how it makes you feel physically, energetically and emotionally.

exercise – The three minds exercise part 1:

Ask yourself this series of provocative questions. Your first job is to absolutely say “No,” to each one.

Question #1: Do you want to sleep with Donald Trump?

Question #2: Will you send me a naked picture of yourself?

Question #3: May I borrow $50.00?

Question #4: May I have a hug?

Your second job is to close your eyes and feel within. Ask yourself,
“Does this ‘No’ come from my mind, my heart or within my body?”

exercise – The three minds exercise part 2:

Ask yourself another series of provocative questions. But this time instead of definitely saying “No,” to each one, answer absolutely honestly.

Question #1: Would you like to make love?

Question #2: would you like to be held, caressed and massaged?

Question #2: May I borrow $1.00 for the bus?

Question #4: May I have a hug?

Again close your eyes and feel within. Ask yourself,
“Does this ‘No’ come from my mind, my heart or within my body?”

It doesn’t matter where its coming from, just notice.

The body wants or repels things, be it hugs or jelly donuts. Its as simple as “yummy vs. yucky”

Most often the heart speaks your deeper truth, the heart only feels and loves.

Our mind is programmed to keep us out of trouble with justifying statements like, “That’s not socially acceptable,” or “That’s morally wrong.” Generally our judgment system is a pattern of habitual responses based on past experiences or other peoples opinions. It likes to keep the heart safe and guarded. But a guarded heart doesn’t get to love.

As you feel where these messages are coming from, the head, heart or body, it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you are aware of where its coming from. My mind might say “Nope” to the pint of Ben and Jerry’s” but I’ll eat it all anyway. My choice.

what’s all this got to do with prayer?


Your mind, heart, body, is like your gmail to God, your communication system with your MORE.

If you want to be in union with your highest vibrational source, the way you feel about things is the magic compass toward that joyousness.

If it makes you feel good, do more of it.

Does that resonate with you?

Are you doing things that don’t feel good in your heart? Are you not doing the things that you know would feel good to your heart.  Stop it!  Do what feels best to you always.

Communion is Passion – whatever you do that brings you into your bliss, bringing you closer to MORE. Prayer is Presence – being open in the ecstatic moment to be feel the MORE as yourself.

The Power of Prayer is Passionate Presence.


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