Abracadabra – the power of words

imageAbracadabra – as I speak, so I create.

Aramaic – כדברא “I create like the word.”
Hebrew- אברא translates as “I will create” and כדברא “as spoken”
Greek – Αύρα κατ’ αύρα meaning “from Αura to Aura”.

“In the beginning was the word …and the word was God.” John 1:1

Whether you are praying, chatting or mumbling to your self, there is power in spoken words,
There is power in words themselves and in the vibration moving them.
If you’re resonate in your MORE, everything you think and speak instantly manifests on some spiritual energetic plane. When you’re not completely in resonance, still everything you think and speak instantly manifests on some spiritual energetic plane, yet in an unconscious manner.

Be conscious of the vibration behind the words you utter, you can’t take them back and they are floating around like pollen in the universal field waiting to germinate.
So too your every thought and action.
Walk like you’re holding hands with your beloved, you are.
Speak like you’re holding the most fragile baby, you are. The entire world is your constant creation.

Draw chalk flowers on the sidewalk, sing along with Sesame Street, make love to me, whatever you do, do it with the conscious perception of your vibrating cosmic conscious energy… creating.
You speak into existence the possible reality of your words. You create the world in the way you create yourself. You heal the world be healing yourself. Focus only on what you desire to experience. If you want to experience more love in the world, speak more words of love.

But how will that make a difference?

As you look “out there” into the world, remember, there is no “out there.” It is all happening within your own being and being created within you. Everything you observe at the coffee shop and on t.v. as wonderful and awful has just one source, it is you.

Knowing this, use your prayerful spoken words to embody your awareness.

Try, “I see this starving child and that I have created this possible reality. It is part of myself.”
and, “I see that couple lovingly embracing and that I have created this possible reality. It is part of myself.” Keep saying this until you feel it throughout your being.

This does not necessarily need to be a negative experience. You are taking responsibility neutrally.

How in the world do you see a starving child neutrally?
In deep universal conscious states of passionate presence you see everything… everything.
and you see everything as one thing. Every possible reality is the MORE experiencing and expression itself. Its not “good”, its not “bad.” These terms are our own opinions. Everything under the sun simply….”is.”

Part of what we are creating is caused by our resistance to what we take as “negative.”
“Negative” generally comes from habitual responses to past experiences or other, often long-dead, peoples opinions. Its simply not being present.
Resistance takes energy. Giving energy to a thing, whatever that thing is nourishes it.
As an example, if you resist experiencing money issues, you will experience money issues ever more, because you are nourishing that possible reality with your energy.

Not only do You stop resisting what you see, you welcome what you see because you see it as part of yourself. You are able to be grateful for every contrasting experience.
Contrast is your paint palette with which you choose the colors of your masterpiece.
You get to try the possible realities that resonate with your highest vibration.
You get to try the possible realities that do not resonate with your highest vibration.
Step back and take a gander of the work in progress.
Then from a neutral state, choose which color to paint with next.
Thank every possible reality, honor them, then release which ever doesn’t work for you and give energy to the ones that do.

As you speak, you are creating the universe and your ever expanding self.
As you experience and express yourself, MORE is experiencing and being expressed through you. As you expand, the universe expands, your MORE expands.

When you create from your spoken word, you are jumping into the universal stream of creativity. Have an idea and atoms collide. Your little match has just lit the cosmic bonfire. It necessitates your involvement, your investment, your passionate presence.

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