I want more

imageHow do you strengthen your relationship to your MORE?
Your MORE is experiencing and expanding it’s infinite self through your life experiences.

Your MORE often shows up as innate desires for more MORE. You want more; more toys, more sex, more experiences, more manicotti, this is the impetus for the flow of evolutionary creation.

That urge for material things, the second house, the second wife, the bigger boobs on the second wife are not actually absurd, just a communication gone awry. Yes, you do want more, just not really all that stuff. When you better tune into and turn up your radio receiver you get clearer messages.

When you practice tuning into and acting from your MORE they call it intuition. Intuition is your natural urges streaming from MORE. Intuition is always available to you, The more you open up to it, listen to it and trust it the stronger it becomes.

You might be guided to fast for a week, guided to give money to a stranger, or guided to howl at the moon. Most of your intuitive inclinations won’t make sense to your justifying mind, but will guide you back into your natural glee.

Try living through your guiding intuition for a week. Follow your every longing for physical connection, the pull to solitude by the river, the urge for chocolate chip cookies. Whatever it is, do it. See how you feel.

When you feel the impulse to say or do something, consciously do it, and do it immediately.
Your MORE is all things sacred and sensual. Don’t limit yourself. To exclude any of our intuitive natural instincts is to limit the MORE. The more often and quicker you act from our intuitive impulses, the closer you will feel to your MORE.

Someone cautioned me that if they followed exactly what their urges were inclined to do it would lead to bacchanal debauchery? Maybe.

Maybe you need to go through all those sensual worldly indulgences to understand that none of those things are really satisfying the urge for MORE, or maybe you’ll actually read my previous lessons and first practice the power of presence.

That urge for sexual connection is, at its root, the urge for connection to your MORE.
That urge for a bigger house is, at its root, the urge for stability in your MORE.
That urge to eat everything that doesn’t move is the urge for nourishment from your MORE.

That doesn’t mean theres anything wrong with drunken food orgies on blankets of dollar bills. Go for it, just be conscious of where its coming from.

You will learn by experience that If you ignore your intuition and use you mind to justify inaction, you’ll feel bad until you finally take action. The more mindlessly and intuitively you act, without thinking about the end result, the more in tune you feel, the better you feel.

Intuition supersedes expectation.

Expectation is likened to a box. Depending on the expectation the box could be cardboard or bejeweled. Whether your expectations are raised to being crowned the Queen of Queensland or lowered to panhandling in Peoria, it’s still keeps out everything else that could be better.

The power of passionate presence is lived in the present. In the present there is no expectation of the future. There is absolute knowing that actions performed intuitively now will benefit your greatest good tomorrow. The infinite forms of possible materialization, what its going to look like, is not your concern in the present moment.

Goals are good and important, but with passionate presence you are focused whole heartedly on the action in the present moment without expectation. Remember – everything and everyone you see is god. When you, even for a moment, loose your total passion for the present by worrying about future expectations, you loose sight of god. What could be more exciting or more important than that? Give all of your passion to what or who is presently in front of you as if you are facing god. You are.

Your prayerful conscious ideas might be well planned to achieve great things, and always the greatest good is achieved, yet sometimes the complete need is for the action itself.

Action creates vibration. Conscious loving action raises your vibration to resonate with your MORE. Then action is the both the prayer are the object of prayer.

We are drawn like a moth to the flame toward our highest resonance, and in that flame we burn away our ego. Consumed in the fire of conscious love we return to our essence. You have an Intuitive proclivity for actions that vibrate at your highest level.

What is it that brings you peace, love and joy. Let yourself be intuitively drawn to these things.
Follow your instincts for meditative “alone-time.” If you are guided to schedule time away from your friends, put the kids to bed, take a day off, do it to regain a natural state of peace in your MORE.
Succumb to the longing to love others, and yourself, openly and fully with abandon. Hug (with permission) that stranger in line, Make wild passionate love if you have the urge. Express the love flowing through you. And, be gratefully joyous. jump on the urge to dance the Robot, go ahead, laugh louder, celebrate the moment you’re in for being vibrantly conscious.

Allow and follow the innate intuitive desires for more MORE. all the way, in all ways, always.
This is the power of passionate presence.

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