Alter your Altar

imageYou know the power of your presence, the power of your prayer, the power of your words, the power of your urges, but you say

“I don’t have the time between rinse cycles to mediate for hours by the river. Praying, using my power words, playing, using my power of action takes time I don’t have.”

Spiritual practice doesn’t have to be a taxing task.
Remember, Your MORE is all things sacred and sensual, in all the little bite sized pieces.

Every single split second you remember MORE, every minute of time you feel your energy body vibrating, is a super conscious jump into the power of passionate presence.

Once crisp morning on the temple steps of Kathmandu, I watched bankers and bailers, lamas and little children circumambulate around the temple without breaking stride to where they needed to get, I saw delivery men ringing the bells as the peddled by on bicycles. they performed their puja consciously but conscientious of time. Their spiritual offering was not apart from life, but a part of life. It only takes a second, a moment of consciousness, an utterance of “Yes,” to “be here, now.”

No temple nearby? Light a candle every morning while brushing your teeth, or take a deeper breath as you enter the kitchen, hold hands with your lover after your nightly sexual spasm. Create simple little rituals that awaken you and remind you and bring you to a moment of sacred inner silence, and greater inner joy. But do it with passionate presence and conscious continuity. These little ritualized sacred sensual moments, these little soul fires add up until you have so many of them that you’ve created an awesome fiery sacred sensual life.

Many people ask me when they will receive their blessed moment of enlightenment.
Well, if you just keep waiting, never.

Enlightenment comes on a pay-as-you-go program. You pay for it every moment you remember you are MORE. Every moment you pause in the doorway, every moment you consciously choose to be love, each moment you embody the universe in all it power and glory and beauty is a moment of enlightenment. These precious moments are monumental as they add up to a gently replace old habitual patterns of reaction with a new way of being, a new way of experiencing and expressing yourself and your constantly flowing love.

On a multi dimensional practice these little moments are also reminders of your own power.
Anything that reminds you of your power, or focuses your power, or alters you is an altar to you.
It’s a power center in your home, office, car, that reminds you and focuses you.

An altar can be an elaborate diorama of deities or a simple dollar store candle. It can be a photos of your children that reminds you of unconditional love or a stone that reminds you of the peace you experienced alone on the beach. Maybe your altar is being in Yab-Yum with your beloved in holy intercourse. It doesn’t have to be physical. Maybe your expression of a sacred altar is in your heart.


As any wooden altar is a visual experience of your MORE for you, so should your own body be an visual experience of the highest creative vibration of MORE. Worship and be worshiped as a spiritual icon, be the laugh of Ganesha and the dance of Shiva. Feel within yourself, your actions, energy and being, the highest divine beauty, power and love of the universe and worship that. Worship and treat your body as sacred. Tend to and decorate it daily as you do your altar. Wear something, a broach, necklace or jewel encrusted tiara, that reminds you that you are the creative force of your universe.

Prasad is a term meaning food that is an offering to, or from god. Give to yourself only blessed Prasad. Please don’t feed yourself nasty stuff that isn’t good for you. You wouldn’t throw trash on your altar, you wouldn’t treat it like a garbage can. So don’t throw trash into your body-altar. And when you do place those precious life giving and sustaining foods upon your plate before you, take a conscious breath to bring yourself back to the moment, and give gratitude for the life force you are about to become one with.

That includes everything and everyone you put inside of you.

As you expand your awareness of your highest vibration nourishment, include the vibrational nourishment of everything you allow on your altar and in your presence.
What vibrations are you allowing in your physical body? We carry the energy of every lover we have ever had in our energy body and cellular memory. Is that interaction feeling enlightening or heavy? Only give yourself what feels sacred.

What vibrations are you allowing in your energy field? We are sharing energetic intercourse with every person we stand next to and interact with. The influences of every brief meeting remain in our being as we walk away. Is that interaction feeling nourishing or depleting? Only give yourself what feels sacred.

What vibrations are you allowing into your consciousness? Your own thoughts have a greater ability to be garbage or Prasad, have more effect than any man or manicotti you meet, and have a longer lasting residual effect than any actual experience you encounter. Is that way of thinking bringing you closer to your MORE? Offer only your own highest vibration thoughts to your altar.

I’m not saying to become a recluse, I’m not saying be scared of everything around you, I’m only suggesting that you to be conscious of your daily influences and lay only the very best of them upon your altar, and to take a conscious breath as a centering reminder before every thought, word and action.

Like the Lama pausing at the altar in Kathmandu, pause for a moment to recognize the life force being given by that green apple or tasty piglet, pause for a moment to feel how being penetrated by your lover fuels your fire, and pause for a moment to experience how precious and sacred your every step along the sidewalk can be.

In this way you make your spirituality sustainable.
Even the rinse cycle can be a moment of holy communion.

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