is there a healer available in Asheville ?

FullSizeRenderThe more I come into the wisdom of what I do, the more i realize that sometimes the best we can do is to allow one another to heal without help.

I was at ecstatic dance on Sunday, which to me is “dance church.” It’s a sacred space to experience the moment in your own way, often it is a place of release and inner surrender. This Sunday was no different. I noticed a woman crying while dancing and moving through the music and moment. My first impulse as a healer was to go to her, place my hand on her. But instead of reacting, I allowed my own Being space to feel into the moment and see the beauty of what was taking place. Yes, she was hurting. She was experiencing pain in that moment but she wasn’t asking for help.

Quickly enough another couple of people went to her, surrounded her, held her. I honor their loving hearts, but they interrupted her moment. Sometimes we just need to feel it.

We all need to take our own unique path through the woods. We all need to walk our own path towards awareness, presence, and enlightenment in order to fully appreciate the experience. Sometimes what we need is to fully live the pain, the abandonment, and the attachments in order to fully realize the sweetness of transcendence.

I reflect on my own sordid path. I had to do absolutely everything wrong before I found what was right for me. I had to be completely abandoned in order to find the love within. I had to completely give up, give in, surrender and lay face down in the dark before I could allow Spirit to lift me into my own light. May your own path of awakening, healing and transcendence be easier and shorter than mine, Goddess I hope so. But it’s okay if it takes some time, some pain and some confusion. Along that path, pain and confusion are often perceived negatively. Sometimes pain and confusion are the path. Sometimes it is acceptance of our foibles that become our freedom. It is our shadows that allow us to recognize the light.

I live in Asheville, one of the most amazing communities of healers of every modality. If you need one of us, we are a dozen deep. We are hanging out writing blogs at Green Life as well as every coffee shop and brewery in town. Maybe today is the day you reach out for a little help on your path. Or, maybe today is the day you allow yourself to fully feel the pain and the confusion and the perceived separation. Maybe today, alone in that moment, you will see that you are okay. Maybe today you will allow yourself to surrender to the moment and be filled with Spirit. Maybe today you will know the abundance of love that resides within the YOUniverse. Maybe today you will find in that aloneness all you thought you were searching for is within you, it is you. And that, in itself, is a step into the light.

And when you do wish for someone to walk beside you, to help and guide your healing path, I am a Tantric Energy Healer. I work with the energy body of others to awaken their Kundalini energy, and to help them recognize and embrace their own power of healing. This is what I have dedicated my life to. Through study and practice I have learned to feel and recognize the dis-ease people hold in their bodies- in their energy body, which filters into their physical/emotional/and mental states of being. This dis-ease is where we hold our pain and our trauma. These things resonate in our physical being as sickness, pain, and fear. I work with your energy to release these places of dis-ease to help bring about a feeling of ease and an awareness of where each individual I work with holds their pain and where that pain comes from.

It is in teaching that sense of self-awareness that the greatest healing happens. It is in holding a safe space for that person to explore their pain with support and to acknowledge and honor that experience and finally to let it go that healing takes place. And it is in that safe space just beyond release that one is able to welcome their power of passionate presence.


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