first food

FullSizeRenderHow does your heartbeat, your posture, your breath respond when you are in the presence of your lover?

How does your heartbeat, your posture, your breath respond when confronted by a fearful person, or even worse when listening to your own fear or doubt?

Notice how external influences effect you. Pay attention to vibration.

Expand your awareness of vibrations which nourish you.

As you start laying the prasad of positive influences upon your altar, allow only the highest vibrational influences into your life.

You will find a common thread in those ‘love’ experiences is a certain ecstatic stillness of mind.

When the mind has been stilled, awestruck by the depth of cosmic soul connection, or the heat of animal passion, your entire being is more open to and in tune with the vibration of your essential truth.

In your human condition you are a diligent doer, seeking constant stimuli and ongoing distraction. Even during conversations with your girlfriend you are checking messages, for extra conversation. Even when you run to the bathroom you grab your phone first so you can peruse Pinterest while you poop. It has become a habit to keep the mind buzzing, busy and distracted.

If you were to sit still for moment, in silence and without distraction, you would feel your essential truth. That’s scary.

“Be still, and know that you are God.” Psalm 46:10

How do you come to ecstatic stillness?

Well, you may ascertain glimpses of this magical mindlessness with yoga, mushrooms, Vipasana retreat, by art or nature, beautiful women, or mind blowing orgasms. Though these are wonderful, they are also ephemeral, momentary glimpses.

Lifting the veil. There is not one thing anywhere that is better for becoming present in the present than a regular meditation practice. The godself cannot be discerned, encompassed, understood or realized by the intellect or the mind, but it can be fully embodied in the space between thoughts.

All our thoughts are either based in the past or the future, it has no relation to the present, because as soon as you think about being present in the present the present has already passed by. You missed it.

Sitting, actually sitting still in a practice of mediation will allow your mind to open to your truth, will allow you to embody your “more.” Practiced with continuity, and more continuity, this experiencing “more” becomes a sustainable spiritual practice.

Stillness isn’t necessarily silence. you can experience the ecstatic stillness on the street corner, or in the bedroom. It is inherent, running like a silent river beneath all things. But meditation is essential. Don’t think you can abandon sitting silently still. You must develop a firm foundation of silence in sitting meditation consistently to be able to carry it with you out into the street.

It is not pushing away everything external and narrowing your focus.

It’s truly not. It’s about expanding your awareness and perception so much that compared to the Infinite your individualization and daily experiences seem like a guppies burp in the vast ocean.

Active meditation like tratak (single pointed focus on the sight of a flame), mantra (single pointed focus on the sound of words), ecstatic dance (single pointed focus on the sensation of movement), Tantric union (single pointed focus on vibration) are great ways to focus light and energy, and if that rocks your world do it. For me, there are depths that one can fall into when we aren’t focusing and “doing.”

I teach what is oft wrongly referred to as passive meditation which is devoid of doing, focusing, mantras and everything else. It is not about witnessing your-self, but falling deeply into the infinite Self.

We are the entire universe and in meditational stillness we perceive it. We are re-awakened and connected to all there is. In meditation, experiencing our expanded Self our physical body reverberates with the celestial hum.

At first it might be hard to even sit still, but it comes.

Then It might be hard to be still mentally, but with continuity it comes.

You’ll become aware of all the sensations of the physics body, and then they will dissipate.

You will become more aware of the vibrations of the energy body,

You will feel yourself vibrating as energy. No longer physical at all, and then even this will melt away to the acknowledgment of nothing but flowing stillness.

This stillness is consciousness without form, or volition. It is what creates the physical and solid ‘you.’

I wont ruin an experience with a bunch of words, if you have the desire you may contact me.

Mediation isn’t a time out, but a time in, wayyyy in, to an expansion of your individual consciousness to the God-Consciousness. This state of eternal being is more you than the transient body you embody now.

This state allows a separation to occur in your consciousness, that helps you experience everything with equanimity, peace and love.

Your heartbeat, your posture, your breath and energy will remain equanimously in love when you are in the presence of your lover and when confronted by negative people, fear and doubt.

You will experience and expresses yourself with passionate presence, yet in a care-free manner.

Investing fully in the moment but not attached to the imagined future.

I can experience self doubt and still be in ecstatic stillness and in love.

I can feel overwhelmed by my to-do list and still be in ecstatic stillness and in love.

I can hear about mass violence and evil politicians and still be in ecstatic stillness and in love. No matter what is happening around me I can still be in ecstatic stillness and love.

You become practiced at being aware that you are both your physical body (as the vehicle of your loving experience) and that you are so much more than the physical body experiencing, you ARE the expression of LOVE.

You are experiencing love and you are the expression of love you feel.

I envelope all experiences and vibrations into my ecstatic stillness and love and transmute all experiences and vibrations into love. In this way our own inner vibration becomes our primary food. And this is what I lay upon my alter every day.


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