Do the “wrong” thing

FullSizeRender 3In my last post of this series I spoke about expanding your awareness and perception of the present moment though stillness and meditation. A dedicated practice can lead to knowing yourself as the infinite cosmic consciousness.

Once I had my first taste, I wanted to maintain this miraculous power of passionate presence every day, every moment, always and in all ways. But of course, as soon as any outside influence sashays by in a short skirt that miraculous power of passionate presence vanished. I fell back asleep in my general half-conscious state.

How do we stay awake? 

Staying awake alway is very hard indeed, it takes a moment by moment experience of “now.”

Reawakening after realizing your asleep is a little easier. We need to create alarm clocks for ourselves. Not just one. Because any exercise also becomes habit and easily slept through. We need many different alarm clocks to continuously jar us from our slumber. To awaken and stay awake, habit is the enemy. Whatever we do from habit lacks higher consciousness of “Being Here Now” passionate presence and we drift off in the drone of the habitual reactions. This series of exercises is just that, alarm clocks to awaken to our present state.

EXERCISE – Do The Wrong Thing.

You could say that as a decent person you are in the habit to doing the right things the right way.

In this exercise it’s not the right action itself, but eliciting the experience of higher consciousness in each action that’s the right thing in the moment, whatever that takes.

In this way an alarm clock can even be a practice to do the “wrong” thing simply to experience the breaking of habit.

My only exception would be to leave children out of it. They are tender and might be emotional hurt and need years of therapy after their parent turns into an asshole for a day.

Take this day and do everything that you are in the habit of doing, the “wrong way”, without prior warning to anyone around you. That would defeat the effect. Make coffee for yourself and not your partner, use the last of the milk. Wear something two sizes too small. Don’t hold the door for others, purposefully and blatantly lie to everyone all day. Stop being “Politically Correct” in your responses. Ask everyone you interact with for $5.00. Ask the deli clerk for a discount because your sandwich smells funny. Say “no” to favors. When asked why, be honest for a change, “I don’t feel like it.” Notice your every thought, word and action and before continuing, pause. Change the thought, response or action to what you consider “wrong.”

Just as in the “Doorway” exercise, be present in the moment throughout all of this. Feel how your physical body reacts, does it relax or recoil? Notice your mannerisms, your thoughts, justifications, and inner dialog. What do these “wrong” actions trigger emotionally. Always be feeling and present to your energy body.

Realize how much of what you do everyday is automated reactions and learned habitual responses. You might have previously thought you were acting out of free will, but through the exercise you will learn that you truly make very few conscious decisions at all throughout the day.

Stop “should-ing” all over the place and choose consciousness. Ask yourself in each situation why am I doing this? Why do I suppose I “should” do this? Am I acting from my deep innate nature or reacting out of the inane social standard? Am I reacting out of fear that I will not be respected, accepted, liked or valued unless I conform to social acceptable behavior?

Do I want to live a fear based existence or live in the infinite cosmic consciousness?

Feel within that there are no “wrong” actions, only socially agreed upon habitual responses. There is nothing you “should” do. There is only decisions to act from a state of sleep or consciousness.

Beyond the witnessing, to act out of character instead of reacting through habit patterns, you are creating conscious moments. And here’s the thing. When we stop “acting” our part out of fear, we can start creating actions from a place of infinite cosmic consciousness.

When we learn to truly live in infinite cosmic consciousness we only think, speak and act in ways that are universally harmonious for we finally see there is nothing but love. The difference is, being asleep and false … or conscious and true.

The next day, if you need to, let others know that you were doing an exercise. Give back all the $5.00 bills.

Expand on this exercise by continuing to noticing and change your habits. Try throwing your tv out the front door, not drinking for a month. Drink your coffee black if you usually add cream and sugar. Use your left hand to eat with. What ever you find in your life is a habit, break it. Take a new road home, literally and figuratively.

Present in the moment more often, notice, stop and act from a more awakened state. What ever you decide to think, say and do, you will know that you are awake, and so awake acting from the heart.


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