Sexual Spirituality 

FullSizeRender 55555In the last two chapters I spoke about reunion on the cosmic scale through meditation and in every moment through Self-awareness. Now, how do we connect deeper interpersonally?

Probably the número uno most misunderstood and misused aspect of our daily spiritual path is our sexuality. In “Expanding Beyond Words” I argued at length about Tantra not being sexual. Now let’s talk about how it is.

If it wasn’t for sex we wouldn’t be here. It’s a huge part of our lives. It’s a huge catalyst for our emotions and pleasure and also our pain and healing. Ignoring sexuality is to ignore life, our creativity and joy, our expression of Self and the experience of infinite cosmic consciousness. It is integral to our ever-flowing, ever-changing, ever-expanding energy flow. It won’t be dammed or damned. 

There is nothing but energy in the universe and there is only one energy.

Because we are sexual beings we feel this energy most often as “sexual” energy, and it is. It is our life force and we feel it as our power, our passion, and our very presence.

Sexual and creative life-force energy is all we are. It creates our manifested physical body and emanates from our spiritual being. In a sustainable spirituality practice it is embraced, embodied and expressed.

It’s what we do with it that makes all the difference.

A monk in a monastery asked the abbot “May I smoke when I am praying?”

The abbot replied “No” …

The second day the monk asked “May I smoke when I pray?” …

The reply again came “No”.

A third day the monk observed another monk who was smoking while he was praying and asked the abbot “How come he can smoke while he’s praying?”

The abbot replied “He asked if he could pray while he smoked.”

Sexual energy, the experience and expression shouldn’t be a diversion from, but a gateway to our equanimity in infinite cosmic consciousness.

There are a hundred books of sacred sexuality, this isn’t one of them.

On inspection these books generally call themselves tantric, but because the authors are not knowledgeable about, nor devoted to a real tantric practice they use words like ‘sacred sexuality’ and other obtuse spiritual lingo to justify their own sexual gratification.

Sexual union is beautiful and good. Yet, if you are still excusing, justifying and manipulating to feel better about your natural desires, you are not in resonance with higher vibrations nor Spirit. You know who you are. No snark here, just the facts.

This is the book on including our natural sexuality in spiritual practice, lowering our resistance to our sexual life-force and by focusing our energy, generating even greater powers of love, healing and creation…changing the world through our expanded level of being.

In being energetically conscious always, even and especially as we make passionate love, sexual intercourse can be healing, blowing away blockages, transcending emotions and transmuting cellular memories.

In tantric energy healing work, I focus on the greatest bio-emotional triggers, releasing all the resistance-creating, limiting, shameful ideas out into the light, many of our greatest triggers are in our relationship to sexual experiences.

By reviewing the stories we have created around our sexuality, consciously removing the energy blockages around them by experientially rewriting the stories, we lower all resistance. As we lower our resistance we see less necessity to react and “do,” and allow ourselves to open to “being” and creating pleasure from this equanimity and balance.

Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” We can learn to experience everything in life including sex with the childlike wonder of little children, without preconception, expectation or self-judgment. Jesus, symbolically representing our higher consciousness beckons us to be resistance-free to enter into the embrace of higher consciousness.

Without attachment sexuality becomes the most natural thing in the world and one more pathway to greater peace and joy.

As we begin to get out of our head we start truly embodying the experience. In doing so we feel the flow of energy being created between two resonating, equal and opposite vibrations emanating from your two physical bodies.

The first miracle performed by Jesus is the transmutation of water into wine.

John 2:6. Nearby stood six stone water jars.

John 2:7. Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

John 2:8. Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”

Again remember that water represents our sexuality. In the presence of Jesus, as higher conscious, the servants filled all 6 vessels, our lower chakras, with higher conscious sexual energy until they were overflowing. The master of the banquet, that within us that acts from infinite cosmic consciousness, recognizes and resonates with this higher energy and satiates the guests with the “best,” focusing higher conscious sexual energy through our body and beyond.

So, through his first miracle Jesus publicly taught sexual energy transmutation.

‘Feeling the Power’

Whether in making love with a partner or self-transmutation through meditation, we can raise the frequency of our life force vibration through our chakras and entire being. This building energy can be localized, harnessed, made malleable, and transferred though us to others.

Śaktipāta (Sanskrit, from shakti – “(psychic) energy” – and pāta, “to fall”) refers to the conferring of spiritual “energy” upon one person by another.   Wikipedia.

By awareness and concentration we can utilize our physical body as an antenna and transmitter. As I have learned to focus my raised vibration I can experience the world through the greater sensual perception of energy consciousness. I have practiced coming into resonance with my energy body, with others, and with the infinite cosmic consciousness. I can localize the universal flow in my individual being and offer it as shaktipat to others as a spark of awakening, healing and creation.

My very first real experience of energy exchange and the fulfillment of tantric practice took place quite by chance on my apartment roof top in Mysore, India, now many years ago.

It was 3am in the morning after a dinner party. I was left alone with a sexy little Brazilian yogini. We never touched. We were sitting in opposing plastic chairs. But, the rising energy occurred simply through the friction of natural attraction and sexual impulses emanating between us.

I could feel our energy bodies resonating, but it was a surprise when the shocking waves of sexual, but energetic, orgasm took us like an oceanic undercurrent.

Having never experienced anything like this before we just stared at each other. We didn’t have to say too much or know what to say.

“Did, that just happen?”


Needless to say that sparked my interest in energy bodies, transmutation and transference for the rest of my life.

Exercise – Root Breathing

This is not an exercise of doing but of awareness.

Sit with your partner in yab-yum.

Focus your awareness singularly in your root chakras by imagining that you are breathing in and out through that chakra.

Experience the vibration within your own individual root chakra.

Allow this to be experienced for a few minutes.

Expand your awareness of the heat and energy between the your two physical bodies by “breathing” that sensation up into your root chakra.

Expand your awareness to include the heat and energy created by the magnetic sexual attraction between you, by “breathing” in the energy emanating from your partner into your root chakra.

Expand the sensation by filling your womb space with the combined sexual life force energy the two of you are raising simply by breathing in each other’s presence.

You do not have to “do” anything. Just allow whatever experience happens to transpire unimpeded. Often you will notice a very natural sensation of your body spiraling, usually together with each other. Don’t force it, just notice it if it happens and just go with it.

Expand the sensation by breathing this life force with each inhalation even further up into your Second Chakra, your sex / creative center, allow the energy to fill your abdomen. Allow this to be experienced for a few minutes.

Breathe this life force even further up into your Third Chakra, your power center, with each inhalation allow the energy to expand your ribs. Allow this to be experienced for a few minutes.

Breathe this life force even further up into your Fourth Chakra, your heart center.

With each energetic inhale be filled with Life force energy. Allow this to be experienced for a few minutes.

Then complete the circuit. With each energetic exhale, release the energy through your heart into your partners’ heart space. Feel it circulate back through their chakras back up through into you.

Experience the circular energetic exchange.

Allow any and every physical impulse. “Go with the flow.”

It is possible to ride these energetic waves for hours. It is here that you have a choice of what to do with this escalating energetic ecstasy. You can surf the waves into the depths of higher and finer vibrations. (The higher the vibrations you achieve the more energy you are accumulating.) Or you can agree to expend it in what is sometimes referred to energetic orgasm.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two are gathered in my name, so am I there.”

When we consciously come into energetic union, higher consciousness is there.

Here creation is achieved. As two energy bodies unite their vibrations to physically manifest a child, so two can unite their vibrations to create a spiritual manifestation.

Focused energy creates matter. Raise your vibration to the level of your desire. Hold the sensation of what you desire in your focus as you build and let go of your creative life force energy. To clarify I don’t mean imagine it, visualize it, or wish for it. Know that it is already present and experience it now. Experience it and be grateful for it as your emanations reach out and pull it into the present. The infinite cosmic consciousness is expressing itself and experiencing itself through you.

This is ecstatic prayer.

United in Spirit we can create, heal and change the world through our power of passionate presence, and afterwards, bask in the afterglow of vibrations. As waves of delicious ecstasy continue to wash over you, they will be shared by both of you and nourish each of you.


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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I do teach, now I prefer individual guidance, either by phone or even better in person.
    Where are you ?

    Love and blessings


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