More Sexual Spirituality 

continued from Sexual Spirituality

FullSizeRenderShort Term Investments. Energy is like gasoline. No matter what grade of gasoline you pour into your car, you wont have the same response from a Pinto as a Lamborghini. The partner you chose to pour your energy into should already be a spiritual race car. Choose a partner with as high or higher vibration quality as yourself. Men and women who run on a low vibration of need and validation are not helping you raise your vibration. 

It is also helpful to be aware of how you spend your own precious commodity. You are investing your energy in every intercourse you involve yourself in, whether that intercourse is verbal, energetic or sexual. You are giving yourself to every moment of connection you have throughout the day, whether chatting at the coffee shop, thinking about flying squirrels, or making love with your partner.

Don’t be afraid to give of yourself. On the contrary. This book is about exactly that. But how to give of ourselves and invest our energy in the best possible way.

There are two levels of what I’m about to say.

Level One: On the day-to-day, energy-unconscious level that most reside in, energy is like gasoline. You will have different results filling up one car and trying to fill seven cars. Notice the difference in your energy level when you spread yourself too thin.

If you are at work and you take on too many projects, or in bed with too many partners, diverted, scattered energy yields mediocre results. Until you have learned to master your flowing energetic body it is best to focus your energy in what you most desire without diversion. Invest all of your creative sexual life force energy into one passion, one partner, one race car and see how far you’ll go.

Level Two: On the energy-conscious level that you are now learning, energy is more like solar power; in infinite supply and infinitely powerful. By developing your power of passionate presence, tapping into and becoming one with the infinite source of all creation, you will no longer be effected by materiality. You will learn to step out of your own way, remove yourself from the limiting mental and physical blockages. Not only can you become a vessel of ever flowing creative sexual life force energy, you can transcend the vessel and become the ever flowing creative sexual life force energy.

In this state, love is not something you give but something you are.

Your offering is not in doing, but being.

Long term investments. Just as you become aware of the investments in energy that you give to others, become aware of the energy that others give to you, they are long term investors.

Again, there are two levels of what I’m about to say.

Level One: Energy becomes matter. The energy of intercourse, verbal, energetic or sexual, becomes matter that resides in the cellular memory of your energetic and physical body. The harsh conversation with your boss last week is lingering within you and effecting you. The brief sexual tryst you had last year is lingering within you and effecting you. That t.v. show you saw when you were five years old is lingering within you and effecting you. Every encounter, every emotion, and every thought you experience becomes you as part of our energetic flow, your energy body and too physical nourishment or dis-ease.

Level Two: Matter becomes energy. With the power of passionate presence, you can transcend being a vessel that holds on to experiences and energy and maintain an ever flowing state.

There is often conversation with body workers and energy healers who seek guidance in protecting themselves from taking on energy from their clients. I know some create energetic barriers and others call on Arch Angel Michael to protect them. When asked, I offer that I don’t need protecting and I welcome all the energy flow of whom ever I’m working with.

The idea of negative energy is erroneous. Remember there is only one energy in the universe. It can be of high or low vibration, but it’s all one energy. It is what we do with it that creates the seeming difference.

Until you are practiced at energy self transmutation then you too might maintain awareness of how certain people effect you. When you are well practiced in awareness and transmutation you will be less effected by any energy you experiences or allow through you. You will learn to transmute that low grade gasoline into high test rocket fuel of love and let it empower you as it effortlessly continues its unimpeded flow through your experience.

That said, I still skirt frantic energy people who are puddles of drama.

We are all like magnets in a brown paper bag bouncing off each other. Some are naturally attractive with equal and opposing vibrations and others are repellent. We will effortlessly attract those who resonate at our same frequency. Which gives us great incentive to raise our own vibration, both to attract more nourishing friends and partners and also so that we can be in our most nourishing state for those we love.

This awareness and these practices become relevant and practical when expanding a sustainable spiritual life to include others.


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