FullSizeRender-7Recap: As we give of ourselves to the universe, we are all like magnets in a brown paper bag bouncing off each other. Some are naturally attractive with equal and opposing vibrations and others are repellent. We will effortlessly attract those who resonate at our same frequency.

But not all the people we intercourse with will be naturally vibrationally attractive.

What’s up with that?

Everything is one. Everything is energy. Everything is everything.

The “individuals” in your bed, in the cafe and across the world, are physical manifestations and mirrors of our inner experiences.

Each person we experience is an experience we are having within. That person wouldn’t show up in your physical reality unless you called them into existence through your inner emotional frequency.

Your present needy lover is beside you because you created this experience with your emotional frequency. Your infuriating boss has been manifest in accordance to your souls path to transcendence. That belligerent little child is there, perfectly in this moment to be a mirror for you. Remember there is only one energy in the universe. You experience it’s infinite frequencies, but it’s all one energy. It is what we do with it that creates the seeming difference.

You have created every person you will ever meet to accompany you on your awakening. Every thing in the Youniverse is your creation. Every moment, every scent, every experience.

Think of how a tree pushes it’s roots through the soil, leading them to more sources of water and nutrients. Like roots that spread out into the earth to better nourish the tree, so your lives naturally spread out in all directions purposefully attracting experiences of various frequencies to nourish the source and help you growth.

With us, pushing through more specifically involves release of old patterns, cellular memories and limiting beliefs.

You will vibrationally attract to you exactly what you need to make you dig deeper and grow higher in energetic frequency. You have seen trees who’s roots have pushed through concrete sidewalks. Too, your roots will come to obstacles. They will seem impenetrable. You will receive the same experiences over and over until you transcend that particular aspect.

For an example, perhaps you have a blocked energy patterns surrounding abandonment. You will experience this issue in your parents, in your career, in every lover you meet. They are all different people, but they are all and every one of them a mirror of your emotional frequency.

You will vibrationally attract those people with either the exact same issues or undeveloped aspects as yourself and experiences that will best help you become consciously aware of your greatest issues so that you may choose to bring yourself in to greater harmony with your higher emotional vibrational frequencies.

I had a tendency to hesitate speaking my truth, not wanting to hurt another’s feelings, even at the detriment of myself, or continuing a negative energy pattern. I saw how that pattern negatively effected my life and destroyed relationships. In every relationship I ever had I would come to the same obstacle, yet I never truly learned to break the habit out of underlying fears.

In my last relationship, I attracted the partner and needed experience to overcome that habitual fear and energy blockage. It was a huge slab of concrete, but once broken through my energy became much freer and my creative power expanded accordingly.

There is no direction the you have taken that isn’t of experiential benefit to you.

There is no experiences, awful as some seem, that aren’t opportunities for growth.

Our experiences aren’t about the experience but for the sole soul purpose of our expansion.

Look upon your partner, your boss and the barista as your beloved mirror, through which you see yourself as the Divine. This is the power of passionate presence.


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