Tat Tvam Asi, “I Am That.”

Tat Tvam Asi, “I Am That.”My life: Another strange town, another strange coffee shop, another night looking into the brightly lit windows of smiling, loving happy faces from the dark, empty streets of solitude outside.

There was a time when I would wander the New York City streets throughout the night without direction or aim or knowing why I couldn’t stop. I was searching for that elusive something I didn’t know but could feel just beyond my grasp.

Even years and lifetimes later as a internationally loved Tantric Energy Healer I can still feel lonely. I can still feel like the outsider looking in. It’s easy to get caught up in this illusion of separation. 

Paul Simon once sang, “I am a rock,” a solid solitary figure apart from everyone else.

It can feel like I am alone in the world, but in reality we are all more like the water; constantly moving, constantly changing, a constantly growing consciousness that includes everyone, everything, every thought, emotion and possibility.

The greatest discordance in our energy patterns, the most ingrained of cellular memories, the most limiting of beliefs, is that idea of “I am a rock” individualization. It causes us to search for belonging. It feels comforting to belong to a family or a group, a cause, to label ourselves as something. It gives us a sense of weight, a sense of solidity. But it’s false comfort and it halts our progress of actual self-realization.

Digging down for who or what we really are, peeling the onion layers back, layer by layer, passed the layers of assumed roles, families, relationships, nationalism, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, below our job title, our physical image, beyond even our physicality, what are we? When we remove everything we think about, what do we have left?

This, right here is where true knowledge begins.

When we let go of the ideas of our self and surrender into the arms of meditation, completely untethered, completely alone, completely free, in the quietude we will still always feel an ever present vibration. Vibrating energy, running through us, streaming all around us, this is who we are.

Stay with this sensation for a while. You don’t need to figure anything out about it, or give it a name. Just shut up, and open up, and feel Life Force flowing.

All that appears solid is just differing relative vibrations of this energy. All that is alive all that exists is created by the force of this vibrating energy. It is the Life Force.

The Aramaic word for “God” is Alaha that means “essence” or “life force.”

In Islam it is Allah,

Hinduism calls it Prana,

Doastists say Chi.

All these ancient cultures knew that flowing creative vibration within themselves to be the supreme creating life force of all the universe. So communicating with God, Alaha, Allah, opening to Prana and raising Chi was interacting with inner creative vibrating energy.

We are and everything is just one flowing, creating energetic consciousness experiencing itself  as varying vibrations. The only absolute constant is the eternal flow. The eternal flow is something we can sorta’ identify ourselves as part of.

We can become more interconnected with all that exists and interactive with the creator life force by raising our consciousness on a daily basis, moment by moment, always NOW.

Obviously at this moment you are reading, probably sitting, maybe alone or in the cafe like me. Take this moment to relax all the muscular tension of the entire physical body. exhale deeply a few times and feel what you feel, whatever you feel, flowing through the room, flowing through you, flowing from you.

Is it warm or chilly, does the room feel light or heavy,

can you close your eyes and feel the four corners of the room,

can you feel the presence of other people around you, can you feel me?

What ever you are feeling in this moment is perfect; stay with it, flow with it.

Breath it in and exhale it out.

Become the flow of Life Force.

By practicing this exercise of non-doing integration you will become more and more attuned to the higher reality of your connectivity to the All, to every thing, to all ideas, inspiration and most amazingly all the love that is.

Tat Tvam Asi (तत्त्वमसि), a Sanskrit phrase, translated as “I Am That.”

When you begin every thought from this higher truth of coexistence, from ““I Am That,” how does it change your reactions, how does it change your conscious actions?

My life: Another town full of love and light, another coffee shop full of my brothers and sisters, friends and lovers, another day dancing, in the arms of the Divine, entwined with you. Tat Tvam Asi, “I Am That.”


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