beginning at the root



We create and recreate ourselves energetically every day. But all the energy work in the world won’t help if we keep doing the same things that hurt us and living in the exact way that is draining us.

That said, if you are ready…. We can work.

The root chakra is where our experience of the universal love and nourishment takes place. Sometimes we feel like we are not being taken care of by the universe, God, our partners, whatever. And this happens at the root level. If we don’t feel innerly nourished at the root, then we subconsciously create the extending experiences in our outer life to match that feeling.

To begin to flow and attract positive energies into your life, abundance and love, to awaken your power of healing gifts, to reopen your fearful heart, we begin at the root so that all your infinite Shakti can rise and bloom like the most beautiful of flowers.

You will release what no longer serves you
You will transcend your limiting beliefs
You will awaken what has fallen asleep
You will feel the ecstasy of the divine flowing through your body and being
And emanate that into the universe
You will become your fullest self.


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