My Practice of Love

IMG_0103My practice is Love….I was having a conversation yesterday about the misunderstanding inherent in using the word “yoga.”

To some the word yoga is about studying philosophy, to some, it’s lulu lemon selfies, to most it’s about all the bendy stuff on sticky mats. To me, it’s all of these experiences. 

In Sanskrit, the word yoga comes from the root yog, which means to yoke or to unite, like one would yoke or unite oxen.

In our conversation, we asked, why don’t we Americans just skip using the word yoga, which we don’t understand and isn’t clearly communicated and just say I’m practicing union.

What we are yoking ourselves to, or uniting with depends on us. It can be uniting the body and the breath, It could be uniting my energetic body to my beautiful yogini girlfriend, or my individual perception to universal consciousness, little ol’ me to the ultimate Divine.

Whether I’m in a sweat soaked room with a bunch of other glistening yogis, or holding my beloved in sweat soaked yab-yum, or in the quiet solace of meditation, I am practicing union.

But, being OCD, I had to then elucidate the practice of union. All forms of union necessitates breaking down the perceived physical, intellectual or emotional walls that have kept me from being united to everything to begin with. It takes surrender.

So, perhaps I should better communicate my intentions when I touch my toes by saying I am practicing surrender. Complete and utter surrender. I know surrender well.

I surrender when I exhale and stretch past where I was able to yesterday. I surrender my individuality and perception when I give myself to the Divine, I surrendered my boundaries and fears to truly fall in love with that girl, Aria over there. Out of all experiences I have been granted, love and loving is the ultimate surrender; to her, to my self, to the All there is.

So, perhaps I should better communicate my intentions when I sit still and close eyes I am falling in love, in union with the Divine. When I knowingly look into her eyes, I am falling in love, in union with the Divine. In my every breath I am surrendering to and uniting with the Divine that dances through every experience. I am practicing the ultimate yoga, the ultimate union, the ultimate surrender… ultimately, Love.

My practice is Love.

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