why a book-nerd girl turns me on

18664654_161984314336146_469814232781383809_nSo what turns me on about bookish girls.

I knew this girl once who’s bedside tables were stacked with eclectic collections of spiritual treaties, Ouspensky and Yogananda, who would have to unload the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz in her bag to excavate her wallet, who could surround herself in a circle of cook books, Julia Childs and Thug Kitchen, and be lost for hours. Though I kidded her about it, I found it so appealing. 

A woman who reads is a curios woman, intrigued and amazed by the snow fall and the low tick of a pocket watch.

A woman who reads is woman who takes the world in deeply, caresses and pokes at the questions of quantum existence and perplexities of pronouns.

A woman who reads is a woman who strives to understand the absolute and within striving finds in herself compassion for all other beings, for we all strive to understand.

A woman who reads is a woman who knows the power of words and consciously uses each of hers as a spell on her lover and the world around her.

A woman who reads is a passionate woman. She is passionate about the myriad experiences and expressions of life, the countless ways one can feel love, and has the ability to love deeply.

a woman that reads is a woman often suspended between the literal and literary, the timeless playground of imagination.

A woman who reads is a woman who believes in ever after, sees the goodness in monsters and demands an interesting plot line in her own biography.

I adore a woman who reads for she is composed of every idea and ideal, every character, every word, and desire of the literary universe. To love a woman who reads is to embark on a life adventure of infinite possibilities, to enter her is to make love to love itself, to know her would take ones all and eternal existence. I am always intrigued to dip a finger in her pages, to read her, to experience her turning chapters.

I remember sitting, reading along side this book-nerd girl, and the space between us was a never ending library filled with easy conversations and deepening silences, both uniting and igniting.. I love a book-nerd girl.

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