Cosmic Intercourse


“In the still of the night, I find you.
I feel your warmth, your heart beat, your warm embrace.
Revealed, you open yourself to me.
The perfect ache of love enraptures me as I penetrate you,
stars align and worlds collide as we move through the galaxies as one cosmic being, receiving and releasing that ecstasy again and again, as from our union new life is created. We bask in all the power, glory and love of God and Goddess, Creator and creation, Heaven on Earth.”

Imagine this beautiful, exciting scene of intercourse played out, not with your partner but with the infinite universe. It is. Every moment of every day.

intercourse: any kind of human communication and/or interaction

We are all in an intercourse with each other and the entire creating universe in every breath of every moment of every day.

We can experience our every moment of life as a magical intercourse, whether we are making love or making cookies, pumping gas or doing the laundry, making time or doing time; every moment we are in fact in the act of intercourse with the universe, in the act of creating life every moment.

Imagine healing dis-ease, awakening your infinite power, and manifesting your desired future through passionate intercourse. It’s all about waking your consciousness, waking the power of your sexual energy, waking the power of passionate presence.

Everything, everything, everything seen and unseen in the universe is vibration. everything seen and unseen in the universe is conscious energy and it is very much sexual.

That ecstatic sexual energy flowing through your body during orgasm is the very same conscious sexual energy that flows through, creates and animates the infinite manifestations of the universe. It is life itself.

So what is life ?

The physical body is the condensation of vibrating energy, pure spirit slowing it’s vibration, becoming matter.

Your fleshy body without eternally-flowing constantly-creating conscious sexual energy would be inanimate matter, like a paper airplane just laying on the table. It has potential but not causation. One might say it is matter that doesn’t matter.

Yet the eternally-flowing constantly-creating conscious sexual energy without your body to animate would be lifeless.

It’s not your body that constitutes life; it’s not the conscious sexual energy – it’s the synapse where the physical self becomes aware of it’s conscious sexual energy.

Conscious sexual energy, which we are generally not conscious of and even push away at times, is our gateway to realizing, experiencing and expressing our fullest super sexy sacred Self.

When I unite with my lover and feel that whoosh of excitement, feel my entire body come alive, activated, super focused and panting. That is sexual energy activated.

I fully embody the vibrations of excitement, let it sink deep into my cellular memory, memorize it within my whole being. For if I fully know and become resonant with this higher vibration I will always have access to it, with or without a physical partner. The entire universe will be my conscious sexual energy partner.

I’ll say that again;
The entire universe is my conscious sexual energy partner.

With expanding awareness I see, feel and interact with everything in the entire universe as my conscious sexual energy partner.

Every other person I meet in my life is the entire universe made manifest as an individual body. Every single person on the planet is here for me to have intercourse with, if not physically then energetically. We when we come together, physically or energetically it feels like we suddenly have found our missing piece and we become whole again. Separately we are all pieces of the greatest whole, together we are all one. We are that cosmic conscious sexual energy.

Just as ice, water and steam are all the same substance in varying forms, everything and everything-that-is-not-yet-a-thing starts as the ONE conscious sexual energy. It only diverges into varying forms when I notice it.

I notice the varying forms of the billions of individuals around me only because we are trained to see each other as separate and individual, instead of being trained to see each other as the ONE.
It’s a simple differentiation in awareness, yet not so simple to remedy. To come back to this state of ONEness starts with awareness of the self as conscious sexual energy.

My energy creates, my awareness differentiates.

My energy creates, my awareness differentiates.

This awareness flows through all experience. Ice, water, steam, all physical manifestations are our experience of the ONE conscious sexual energy.

Now instead of differentiating all things first, can I see the ONE in all things first. Can I become consciously united with my conscious sexual energy?

My physical body is my experience of my sexual energy.
Yet, when I am not conscious of my sexual energy, I am not truly conscious of my body. When I do not allow my sexual energy to flow through me, I am not flowing, fully living or consciously creating.

As vibrations of Solar flares or a dwindling star disrupt the universe and peace of all humanity, Just as a falling log miles upstream will damn the flowing stream here, none of my physical or energetic pieces function as separate entities, if one aspect of my universe is in dis-ease and vibrationally stifled, it effects all the rest of the parts. The energy in my super sexy sacred self will condense, stiffen and harden when my sexual energy vibration lowers and becomes denser and less creative.

I should be like a constantly flowing, constantly expanding, constantly renewing mountain stream. Blockages, disruptions and diversions stymy my flow and instead of clear mountain streams I become a stagnate pool of suffering.

This is generally our present state. We have lost awareness of who we are as conscious sexual energy; experiencing, expressing, and creating the universe. We no longer feel our interdependency with the rest of humanity or our constant intercourse with the universe.

Tantra is the science of claiming our conscious sexual energy. The word “tantra” means “to weave.” Tantra is about weaving together energies, yours, mine and the entire super sexy universes.
Tantra is not about sexual positions and how to give better blow jobs. That’s a bunch of crap made up by people who make no effort to seek the truth. It has nothing to do with sex except that everything in the universe is our conscious sexual energy. Tantric masters often abstain from physical sexual intercourse, they’re celibate. But they do have a deep understanding of their conscious sexual energy.

That said, solitary meditation in the right circumstances raises my vibration, making chocolate chips cookies can in the right circumstances raises my vibration, AND making love can in the right circumstances raise my vibration. Sexual union can indeed be a deep way to raise and weave our conscious energy with others and the universe.

To raise our vibration, to get our sexual energy to flow freely, we must unclog the crimps in our water hose.

Conscious sexual energy expression is not “dirty.”
It’s silly to think that everything in the universe is the work of The Holy Creator…. except what creates everything.

Most of us are in a stymying state of fear and denial about our sexuality and our sexual power. We feel passion and we run away from it, instead of embracing it. We are muzzled by ideals of societal appropriateness and what everyone watching will think about us and judge us by. But sexual ideals change year by year, culture by culture and even state by state, they’re made up at whim with out any real spiritual significance and are often significantly unhealthy. Those others that we think are peering into our boudoir and pointing fingers are just as disconnected, needy and longing as we are. Fear is not the best of motivators. Fear is contacting, sex is expansive.

Allow your sexual energy to flow through you unimpeded.
Avoidance is not transcendence. You do not need to be a celibate monk chanting in a cave to raise, control and creatively use your conscious sexual energy, but there is an emphasis on the “conscious” part.

Getting drunk and fucking like a rabid rabbit is not consciously raising your consciousness or vibrational quality.

I’ve met many interesting folk who attend “tantric workshops” looking for sex, mostly for an excuse to get off, but some to raise their vibration via the sexual union. I always remind them, “schmuck in, schmuck out.”

As an analogy, a Porsche with an empty gas tank isn’t gonna run well. I have to have a full tank of premium gas before expecting amazing results when I step on the pedal. I have to already be filled with conscious presence before I even think of coming into union with another person, or have sexual energy intercourse with the universe. I must develop my own conscious sexual energy first.


There are a myriad ways of expanding ones consciousness, mostly focus on both broadening our sensory intake while at the same time focusing on the singular moment.


A participate in a recent workshop asked, “How do I keep from being so effected by all the painful stuff happening around me.”
I replied, “When you were standing in the corner (for a demonstration) expanding your awareness of the energy in the room, where you thinking about your problems?”
“Of course not, In that moment, You weren’t dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, for a moment, you were wholly present in the present, focused on your truth as an energy being. That powerful presence, where your ideas and attachments to personal problems become infinitesimal compared to the depth of your consciousness, is available to you alway.

What keeps you from being truly conscious here in this moment?

Release the blocks and traumas in our cellular memory.
Release limiting idea we have developed in our life times.
Release the attachment to societal norms.
Release the justifications that come from the mind.
Release the blockades we put up around our loving heart.
Release the barriers we construct around our physical desires.

Everything I do, everything, has an effect that ripples through the universe. In The Power of Presence workshops I show experientially how even our quiet intentions change our energetic emission, and how it effects others around us. Our thoughts and attitude effect our vibration and so our conscious sexual energy and so how we are making love with the universe.

If I try to conceive a new car with the universal sexual energy partner and then spend the rest of the week complaining about my lack of a car so far, I’m negating the creative vibration I created. It’s like the “moaning-after pill.” I am stifling that energetic creation.

I find myself doing this often unconsciously.
To carry, nourish and give birth to our creation, I need to feed it all the very best, highest vibrations. I need to grow with the reality I create.

I manifest as much as I expand. The only thing needed is the practice of generating and raising my vibration; The practice manipulating the frequency of my conscious sexual energy; The practice in directing my conscious sexual energy. But mostly, remembering, as I have intercourse with the infinite universe, creation isn’t something I do, as conscious sexual energy it is what I am.

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