Flying Through the Cosmos

imageThank you Elet Elan for showing me heaven. Thank you for expanding me. Thank you for opening me to the intense love of the universe…..why did I wait so long for this?

Why does anyone?

You asked me to describe my Tantric Healing Session experience. It was hard to put it into words, but this is what I remember. I had been feeling just pretty stuck in life, not experiencing love or abundance or fulfillment of any kind. I came to you asking to be fixed. 

At first we talked and you worked on me laying down and then you had me sit up.

I thought that I was supposed to meditate, but as you sat across from me, I felt your breath on my crown chakra on the top of my head.

I opened my eyes and you were still sitting across from me.

Closing my eyes again, your breath seemed to enter again through my crown yet I felt it spiraling up from the opening of my root.

I wanted to ignore the feeling of penetration, but I couldn’t.

The spiraling waves were not sexual but sensual, intensely pleasurable.

Your light spiraled through my center…

Tiny surges… Explosions…

awakening me … opening me.

My Muladhara.

Yet it didn’t t stop there.

Light and heat moved in tiny circular waves through my body, my stomach, my arms and legs, flowing through my heart, causing micro energy orgasms in my center moving upward meeting the energy coming through your “breath” at my crown. This is the only way I can describe what came next. Those two worlds collided.

“I am so small, yet so vast – It is everything, yet nothing.”

Everything was darkness but with intense white light. I was both the finite atom and the infinite cosmos. I experienced complete aloneness yet saw all sentient beings in harmony. I was adrift in a void but buoyant upon waves of pleasure. I don’t know how long it lasted. Several times I tried to open my eyes but either could not or there was nothing to open.

I was never afraid for I felt you too, somehow holding me in your presence.

I saw the interconnection of everything, including my own patterns, reactions, inactions, and karma. I saw the “why” and in urgency felt the “YES!’

After some time I seemed to feel you softly inhaling everything back into you, again from my crown, and I was simply in a state of love. Nothing but love. swooning love. You helped lay me back down and allowed me to rest. I remember you reminded me to breathe, and I remember smiling. I lay smiling in love.

It’s been three weeks now. I still feel surrounded by, immersed in, and flowing with love. You talk about the power of passionate presence, and now I understand what you mean.

I’ve started a new job and have more than one new love in my life. And I am purposely and easily happy. There’s nothing to say. Yet, thank you. (Christy R.)

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