What’s the purpose of Tantric Sex ?

FullSizeRender 3I have experienced samadhi, absorption into ultimate reality, in the solitude of individual meditation. There is nothing, ever, that compares to this transcendence. Everything that I am, and any vibrational healing abilities I have, come from only this. For 25 years, (yup, I’m that old) I have led people on this journey into the absolute.

I spent years in states of deep concentration and cosmic union, but not being grounded in the earthly experience. I did not fully experience pain nor pleasure. I did not desire, not even physical food. The tantric union I taught was one of non-physical higher consciousness.

So, I have asked myself for as long as I’ve been an elder Tantra Teacher, what is the purpose of the inclusion of another person, and dividing awareness by both absorption into ultimate reality, and invoking physical sensual arousal for the purpose of enlightenment… and healing. 

A recent conversation has finally solidified and codified my response to myself.

“Anyone can have sex and stay vibrationally contracted. It’s awful when a guy holds his breath while orgasming. The enjoyment is so diminished, they’re only experiencing the slightest possibility of pleasure.”

“One has to be willing and ready to expand beyond the physical.”

“But, in the act, can one even with an higher vibration expand into Samadhi if their partner is still staying in a contracted experience? Does open energy need to meet open energy?

It’s just physics. You cannot have the same energy if one circuit is open and the other is closed.”

“Well, you can still expand your consciousness in that moment, regardless of any other vibration or person, but it would be more like solitary mediation.”

“Sure, in the still of the night, I can be in union with the universe by myself. But it’s a different experience when we are expanding together in a sensual journey; when the sexual vibration moves me along.”

“How would you describe the difference in those two experiences?”

“Passion. One is ethereal love as apposed to sensual love. Instead of Samadhi happening in the ethers, beyond my physical body, it is occurring and spreading through my physical core.”

“YES! Tantric union is then the bridge between God and the Person. It is bringing Heaven to Earth. Tantric sex brings the ‘absorption into ultimate reality’ into the physical body; making it relevant, applicable and sustainable in one’s life.”


“The vibration created by sensual passion emanates through our physical bodies during sexual or sensual (of the senses) union.

When in that moment at least one of us comes into union with god, our vibration rises in frequency.”

“That’s what you do in your sessions, right?”

“Yes, It doesn’t have to be sexual intercourse, It goes beyond the physical, it is the vibrational union that matters. Through Shaktipat, I use my own unique vibration, in deep concentration and cosmic union, to release any blockages and raise their vibration, expanding their consciousness into higher states of experience.”

“Yeah, I remember it feeling like I was being lifted up from the inside, out.”

Vibrations we emanate flow though us and into the ultimate reality.

It is in this one super-conscious high-vibration moment that we can possibly transmute orgasmic bliss into vibrations of love, and via that bridge between ‘God and the Person,’ send LOVE into the ultimate reality, to nourish the entire universe. This is the evolution of conscious reality.

Tantra is not solely about pleasure it’s about universal union.

Universal Union is not all about yourself it is about the universe too.

Our individual purpose of existence is to add to the evolution of reality…

and it is the raising of our vibration and emitting it out that serves this purpose.



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