My body is a song to be sung.

‘They’ say my body is a temple, but NO.

A temple is brick or marble, heavily solid and unmoving

My body is like water, in a state of eternal change and flow. You cannot experience me exactly the same from one day, moment or breath to the next, for in each day, moment and breath I am reborn anew. To even see myself in the mirror as the same is to disallow the awareness of my natural evolution and transcendence.

Biblical text says, “Honor God with your body,” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

I do not honor God by hiding my light or tempering god-given ecstasy.

I honor God by being the fullest experience and expression of all the power, glory and joy beyond imagination.

I honor God by moaning in pleasure and singing out in celebration and gratitude of all sensual pleasures.

I honor God by pulling into my being all that is, beyond ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, and through my Conscious Being raising my vibration, and with it the vibration of the world around me, to resonate and dance with the Divine itself.

I honor God by making love, by sharing love, by creating a world of love through love.

‘They’ say my body is a temple, but NO.

My body is a sacred garden to behold, a playground to frolic as children, is a song to be sung.

There is power in one’s passionate presence. Sing out.


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