tantric energy healing testimonial

couple-in-fire-love-680x383It wasn’t until after my first experience of tantric energy healing did I start to feel a deeper connection with my partner in sexual Union. It became easier to connect, to express, to let go of my thoughts and fears. I was able to feel my partners energy with the touch of my hands on his flesh. I was able to see energy vibrating through my eyes as it collided with his while making simple eye connect. I was able embrace his love and allow it to flow through me and consume me at the same time. Though I still have much to learn about Tantra and the ability to truely experience God through my vessel, I can say this experience alone has awaken a deeper side of me. Now I live more passionately and more continuously. I encourage myself every morning to always lead with a loveing heart and to continue to experience life in new and loving ways. After all isn’t that what life is all about?

Elet Elén, my healer, my teacher, Thank you from the depths of my heart. Anyone reading this please visit his site: eletelén.com



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