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tantric energy healing testimonial

couple-in-fire-love-680x383It wasn’t until after my first experience of tantric energy healing did I start to feel a deeper connection with my partner in sexual Union. It became easier to connect, to express, to let go of my thoughts and fears. I was able to feel my partners energy with the touch of my hands on his flesh. I was able to see energy vibrating through my eyes as it collided with his while making simple eye connect. I was able embrace his love and allow it to flow through me and consume me at the same time. Though I still have much to learn about Tantra and the ability to truely experience God through my vessel, I can say this experience alone has awaken a deeper side of me. Now I live more passionately and more continuously. I encourage myself every morning to always lead with a loveing heart and to continue to experience life in new and loving ways. After all isn’t that what life is all about?

Elet Elén, my healer, my teacher, Thank you from the depths of my heart. Anyone reading this please visit his site: eletelé


my three gods – repost

imageI met this crazy old man in a New York coffee shop. His 300 lbs. lumbered in wearing nothing but raggedy slacks and plentiful chest hair, his beard stored a winters provisions of crumbs. We had coffee. He changed my life.

David Pearlman was a member of our Gurdjieffian group of spiritual seekers. Because of his narly appearance and rather nasty demeanor, many would navigate around his perimeter.
He took me aside one evening and told me there was something he had to tell me.

So here I was at the Lexington Ave Cafe.

“What are your three Gods?” He demanded. Continue reading my three gods – repost

My body is a song to be sung.

‘They’ say my body is a temple, but NO.

A temple is brick or marble, heavily solid and unmoving

My body is like water, in a state of eternal change and flow. You cannot experience me exactly the same from one day, moment or breath to the next, for in each day, moment and breath I am reborn anew. To even see myself in the mirror as the same is to disallow the awareness of my natural evolution and transcendence.

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Tantric Energy Healing explained

IMG_0103I had to take a moment today to try to explain what I do. This is what I wrote.
I see or feel energy blocked in people and moved the block so that the energy flows.
“So what does that mean?” I’ll try to explain:
From my experience, I believe everything, physical, mental and emotional and even everything that is not yet, is energy. We are more energy than physical. Like an iceberg in the sea. What we see is the surface of physicality. 90% is hidden beneath the surface and that which we do not see is our energy body.

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What’s the purpose of Tantric Sex ?

FullSizeRender 3I have experienced samadhi, absorption into ultimate reality, in the solitude of individual meditation. There is nothing, ever, that compares to this transcendence. Everything that I am, and any vibrational healing abilities I have, come from only this. For 25 years, (yup, I’m that old) I have led people on this journey into the absolute.

I spent years in states of deep concentration and cosmic union, but not being grounded in the earthly experience. I did not fully experience pain nor pleasure. I did not desire, not even physical food. The tantric union I taught was one of non-physical higher consciousness.

So, I have asked myself for as long as I’ve been an elder Tantra Teacher, what is the purpose of the inclusion of another person, and dividing awareness by both absorption into ultimate reality, and invoking physical sensual arousal for the purpose of enlightenment… and healing.  Continue reading What’s the purpose of Tantric Sex ?

Flying Through the Cosmos

imageThank you Elet Elan for showing me heaven. Thank you for expanding me. Thank you for opening me to the intense love of the universe…..why did I wait so long for this?

Why does anyone?

You asked me to describe my Tantric Healing Session experience. It was hard to put it into words, but this is what I remember. I had been feeling just pretty stuck in life, not experiencing love or abundance or fulfillment of any kind. I came to you asking to be fixed.  Continue reading Flying Through the Cosmos

Cosmic Intercourse


“In the still of the night, I find you.
I feel your warmth, your heart beat, your warm embrace.
Revealed, you open yourself to me.
The perfect ache of love enraptures me as I penetrate you,
stars align and worlds collide as we move through the galaxies as one cosmic being, receiving and releasing that ecstasy again and again, as from our union new life is created. We bask in all the power, glory and love of God and Goddess, Creator and creation, Heaven on Earth.”

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why a book-nerd girl turns me on

18664654_161984314336146_469814232781383809_nSo what turns me on about bookish girls.

I knew this girl once who’s bedside tables were stacked with eclectic collections of spiritual treaties, Ouspensky and Yogananda, who would have to unload the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz in her bag to excavate her wallet, who could surround herself in a circle of cook books, Julia Childs and Thug Kitchen, and be lost for hours. Though I kidded her about it, I found it so appealing.  Continue reading why a book-nerd girl turns me on