Learn the ageless mysteries of Tantra, made powerfully practical today.

Make your every day, every moment, every breath, ecstatic union with the Divine.

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also…” John 14:12.

“For ages you have run from the pain and forfeited the ecstasy. So come, return to the root of the root of your own soul.” Rumi

For some, this means fully experiencing and expressing the Spirit of Christ (or Awakening the Kundalini or even expanding your awareness of the energetic universe). It can be experientially demonstrated that Spirit is more than a conceptual ideal, that it is a power that can be felt and utilized in our every moment. We can feel it within us, between us, and all around us. And this experience changes the very way we live our lives.

Whether you recognize yourself as Christian, or Jewish, Muslim or Mormon, cave-dwelling mendicant or working single mom, your spiritual practice will find new depth through Tantric Transformation. Tantra is the art of spiritual transformation through sensuality. It is the experience of full self-fulfillment, self-expression, and ecstatic enlightenment. It is Jacobs Ladder, the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

We use both higher universal consciousness and active earthly body to bring about physiological changes.  It is the harnessing and control of our sexual energy to raise your emanating vibration. It is the real power of prayer, the utilization of our vibrating energy to effect change around us and magnetically pull our desires into reality. It is the expansion into God-consciousness.

Join us as we explore how to bring greater presence, power, and passion not only to the moments of pleasure but into our daily sensual-spiritual lives. know the Power of Passionate Presence in every moment whether making love or making cookies.

There is a vital force, an underlying flow of energy, both within the physical body and extending and emanating from it, that some call Christ Consciousness and I call the Energetic Body. It is the template from which the physical body grows, experiences and expresses ecstasy.

Awakening awareness of our infinite source of spiritual energy (God in at its forms) will bring us to our natural state of ecstasy…every moment of every day.

The Power of Passionate Presence is a led, spontaneous process of awakening. 

In the progressive levels of sessions you will experientially learn and practice:

  • Creating a platform of Trust, Communication, and Heart-Opening.
  • Quieting the mind/body/desires/emotions to gain truth and clarity.
  • learning to open your mind to the higher spiritual reality of God.
  • Maintaining God-Connection through sensual excitement
  • learning to control and use Kundalini (Christ) energy
  • energetic alignment to clear and release all obstacles.
  • Attuning to, and union with, finer conscious universal energies.
  • Awakening kundalini life energy, experiencing its expression through you.
  • learning the real power of prayer
  • Magnifying and harnessing your life force to heal, create abundance and love.
  • learning to become a vessel for holy spirit, and the art of Laying on of Hands
  • learning to express and experience the Divine Union.
  • Individual and group energy transformation, transmutation and transference.
  • Transmitting your energy out to recreate the world with your loving essence.

In a continual balance of discipline and surrender comes our power, and in our power we “Let love lead our Soul” to the Beloved, to be-loved, to BE.



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