“Love is the bridge between you and everything,”

Embodied Prayer is the mystical union of the soul with God.

Jesus said, “where two are gathered in my name, so shall I be there.”

Tantra is a practice of expanding our prayer further to include another person. We allow our individualization to dissipate through deep ecstatic energy.  We lose the Self in the mirror our partner creates, creating one energy body from two; one prayer from two, uniting and magnifying and becoming the higher consciousness of creation.

The sensual energy of your second chakra is life energy. Its nature is to create. As the physical union of male and female forces creates a physical child, every sensual-spiritual act creates a “child” on the spiritually manifesting plane. Your passioned energy is the brush with which you paint your reality on the canvas of the universe.

The Buddha said, “With our intentions, we make the world.” Everything we experience is birthed and evolves from our collective intention, yours and mine.

I help you focus your heart’s intention in the ecstatic energy of God Consciousness. “It requires your total participation,” writes Margo Anand, “you’re utterly present, completely in the moment. Your mind creates an intention, your body provides the fuel, and Spirit guides the result” in ecstatic fevered prayer.

“Together in embodied prayer our desirous force unites with God and that union is felt throughout the universe.”

What is it that you really want, truly desire, beyond all else?

Learn to pray with a passion that bends the universe to your desire.


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