“If anyone asks you
how the perfect satisfaction
of all our sexual wanting
will look, lift your face
and say…’like this’.”

It doesn’t always look as obvious as sexual abuse; it can be subtle as your first sexual rejection.

Sexual wounding can be physical/mental abuse or even negative ideas, possibly bad experiences or very often neglect by our partners, all which leave their imprint in our bodies on a cellular level, causing blockages, disease, inappropriate responses, and sexual dysfunction; not allowing us to enjoy sensuality anymore. It impacts all facets of our lives, not just our sex life and relationships.

Being unable to fully enjoy your sexuality or totally give yourself over to your lover, being sexual unsatisfied, or sexual dysfunctional, feeling disconnected and lonely, can leave you frustrated about a lot more, leading to depression, illness, loss of self-esteem and addictions. That sucks.

…but sexual history healing isn’t just about sex. It’s about empowerment, self-love, life, and letting go of the fears that keep you from being the inspired, confident, abundant being you are. You were born with the birthright of experiencing immense pleasure from your body, to play and to delight in sharing fully with others in a conscious way. When abuse, ignorance or the carelessness of others has taken away the capacity for pleasure, safety, and the ability to receive love, it’s hard to know where to turn for help.

I work with you, offering unconditional acceptance, sensual awakening and empowerment through a variety of modalities from verbal spiritual counseling, therapeutic bodywork, Pelvic Trauma Release, Sacred Spot Awakening, Tantric practice and Vibrational Energy Healing, that will restore your ability to be the sexual, sensual, loving person you were born to be.

I will assist you in removing blockages, limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns, learning to love yourself, to create wholeness in your physical/emotion/energetic body, and to be love and feel loved.


UnknownI remember my personal experience with you in this. I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like this before. I remember the trust issues and the troubles in relaxing.

I remember you working my body and learning to let go as you verbally and physically guide me.

Some of the stretches were hard at first to take. Some were easy. The most difficult position to take was the plucking of my upper back like strings on a guitar. Somewhere around here is when you found my blockage. It was hard to relax! I could feel an extreme emotion as you placed your hand over the source.

It became more intense as you guided me through my breaths. I could hear you saying “yes yes yes” as the intensity increased rapidly and all at once lessened and my body began to relax. You began to cry and I was left relieved.

You mentioned a man and pain that surrounded this man in midst of our session. I then realized what I had been carrying all these years.

I am so grateful for all you have done. For this set me on a new path of awareness and discovery. It started a new process of healing. I continue to learn from this and grow as well. Your work is amazing!

Thank you from the depths of my heart. Erika, Asheville, NC


unknownI very much enjoyed my Sensual-Somatic Healing sessions with Elet. Elet was so loving but too, very professional; He began by demonstrating that he would be that safe space I felt I needed by teaching me to speak my truth, and honoring my “no,” my “yes” and my occasional “YES!”

Leading me through some of my physical emotional triggers he asked permission before slowly and gently touching me, releasing the energetic charge associated with a “man’s” touch. He led me from fear to security through Tantric Breathing and Energy Body Exercises. In his presence, always one of calm acceptance, safety and encouragement I felt safe to feel pleasure, to sob, to laugh and reach into my very depths to unleash my woman warrior cry (all of which I did).

I admit I sometimes felt scared as we “waded in the shallow waters” of uncomfortabilty. We took baby steps in our session. Elet worked with my pace, yet also encouraged me to push past my own limitations and fears. With his help and gifted hands, I reconnected with my womanhood, my feminine energy, my own immense power.

When he unblocked the energy from my second chakra to my throat chakra, I felt a wonderful flow of pleasure, an energy I did not even know was possible for me.

When we awakened my root chakra, my arms and legs were vibrating so intensely, I thought I was just going to leave my body. I felt effervescent. I had to ask him to ground me (which he did).

I continued to have that sparkling energy all day, even flirting with someone at my gym (which I never do!). My body feels so refreshed and alive!

I am very happy and excited to be working with Elet Elan. I have found my Mr. Miyagi!

Thank you.” Sarah, Atlanta GA

Sensual-Somatic Therapy is a purposefully created opportunity for reconnecting, and healing habitual patterns, whether we experience them emotionally, sexually or physically.

You are invited to slowly open and lower physical, psychological and emotional barriers without inhibition or hidden expectation, creating an opportunity to release negative programming, set aside limiting beliefs and transcend old stories, in the most loving way.

We counter habitual “doing” with conscious “BE-ing.”


image29“I met Elet here in Buenos Aries. I had the opportunity to meet Elet, A TEACHER who made me know, feel and vibrate through his POWER transmitting all through my body.

It is difficult to explain: I had different feelings, wonderful, full of love, everything was perfect all around me, nothing mattered more to me then.

I felt I had to surrender and be guided by his hands, as energy, which I broadcast through my body, so much energy that I was constantly vibrating. I had an incredible experience of total relaxation, total peace, not being able to control my body in the opening minutes. I did not understand what was happening, but it was so blissful I did not want to move even a moment.

When I returned to normal, I went to my house, I was so happy, the streets sonrreía me alone, I felt so much peace and love all around me, nothing bothered, I just wanted to stop time, sun and earth. It’s been 4 days and I still feel that sense of peace and love. Thanks Elet for being in this universe and I thank the universe for allowing our meeting. thanks, I’m happy.” (translated from Spanish) Fiona, Buenos Ares, Argentina 

The universe is consciousness. Everything is consciousness. Consciousness is what we come out of and what we go back into. Through the spiritual work of  Tantric Awakening, we can come to live this realization while we are in the seemingly separate space of a body.

Human’s being are miniature representations of the universe, all that is, and you will access your ALL through conscious exercises. You will find the key that will unlock the secrets of physical-emotional-sexual healing and come into the ever-flowing YES.

My Energy Work is a spontaneous process of awakening. You will transcend your present conscious state by learning to open your mind, your energetic body and Kundalini power, organically harness and use your unique vibration and cultivate Tantric Consciousness. Elet


828 707 0417

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