“It felt as though God himself had entered my being” (William)

Feel the ecstatic rush of the Divine as I combine the modalities of Therapeutic Touch with Vibrational Healing to release any blockages, or limiting beliefs that you have configured in this or previous lifetimes. Energy is directed though your being, into Cellular Memory, which allows healing to occur at the core level. Your past programming and traumas are released and you are re-birthed. The results are a transformative journey in who you are and how you live your life.

“Elet Elan’s knowledge of my energetic Body offered me an opportunity to heal and release trauma that I had been working on for the last 15 years… in ONE session!” (Elaine)

It’s an ancient system of healing,
adopted from the Tantric Traditions of Tibet and India,
derived from the ancient art of Shaktipat and the spirit of Christ’s laying-on of hands.

“I’ve been a Reiki Master for over nine years, but Elet Elan’s work is so much more profound” (Tatiana)

There is a Universal Spiritual Energy empowering all things. Some may know this as God, others as Prana, others as cosmic consciousness, or simply love.
I direct this energy through the body’s Chakras, deep into cellular memory, allowing awakening, healing and ecstasy to occur at the core level.

“By only the third session with Elet, I had come to a sacred place I had only prayed for”  (Elaine)

(PLEASE NOTE: in this clip of me working with a client, With her permission, we chose to show this clip without clothing to better illustrate the involuntary muscle responses as I pour energy through the root chakra, direct it up and allow it to expel through her crown.)

“In his presence I felt safe to feel pleasure, to sob, to laugh and reach into my very depths to unleash my warrior-woman cry.” (Sarah)

Discover the Power of Shaktipat Healing:

Shaktipat (Sanskrit, from sakti (“(psychic) energy”) and pāta (“to fall”)) refers to the conferring of spiritual “energy” upon one person by another. Shaktipat can be transmitted by a look, thought or touch (Wikipedia)

“Ever since my blessed healing through Elet Elan, I have been enjoying a newfound sense of abundant comfort throughout my entire Being, the likes of which I’d never experienced.” (Shari)

My sessions are completely unique, in that I incorporate Nuag BoRan – Thai Bodywork. By first opening the muscles and body-energy meridians and loosening the blocked energy in the physical body, allows a deeper state of relaxation and allows me to “see” where energy is blocked and not flowing as it should. Moving the body, arms and legs, allows greater access to bio-energetic blockages, as if I were assisting the body in a Tantric yoga practice.

(clip of Heart Chakra Opening Demonstration)

“I had an incredible experience of total relaxation, total peace…and not being able to control my body” (Fiona)

“I have found that our old emotions and habits become lodged in the cells of our hips and legs, and our frustrations and anxieties tend to reside in our back and chest. Energetically sensing these dis-eased cells, I can remove blockages and fill the spaces with Divine Love”.

“I really feel the love moving through my being” (Rachel)

What you will experience is a physical, mental and emotional surrendering and cleansing.

“wonderful, full of love, everything was perfect all around me” (Matt)


(A video showing the expansion of Energy Body Awareness)



Areas of your life Vibrational Energy Healing can assist you in healing:

  • -Transcending Physical / Emotional Dis-ease
  • -Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • -Releasing Addictions or Addictive Patterns
  • -Creating Abundance
  • -Releasing Physical, Sexual or Emotional Traumas (Childhood or Recent)
  • -Allowing Forgiveness
  • -Releasing (Trapped) Energy -i.e. nervousness, anxiety, inability to be still, etc.
  • -Aligning Chakras

Private Sessions: $250

Master Session: $350

Phone/E-mail Counseling: $60

All Private sessions and phone/email counseling are unique to your magnetic resonance and intuitively guided by Spirit. All interaction is held in the strictest of confidentiality. For Sessions involving travel a non-refundable payment is required for confirmation.

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