“If you are reading this, then quite assuredly you are being drawn to receive great healing from Elet, a true master of energies, an exquisitely open vessel and pure, direct channel of the righteous healing Light of Divine Love. I was markedly blessed to personally receive tremendous, sublime healing via his powerfully connected Being.

The benefits were and still are outstandingly powerful, multi-dimensional, and beyond earthly description. I earnestly and with grace, recommend that you see – or, rather, feel – for yourself. Elet is the real deal. You deserve to experience true healing and reap the limitless and bounteous rewards therein. Stand firm in your commitment to increase true self-love by opening your heart to receive these glorious gifts that are your divine birthright.

The actual moment during which the healing takes place is characterized, in my humbly grateful experience, by a multi-faceted and truly unique composite of sensations. It feels like a harmoniously loving and wonderfully warm sensation of the transference of actual energy — a simultaneous releasing of all types of pain (physical, emotional, karmic) and receiving of the highest, most all-encompassing, authentic, and rarefied love. It is a feeling of exquisite heaviness that — seconds later — gives glorious way to comprehensive and integrated release on all levels (mind, heart, body, and soul).

Ever since my blessed healing through Elet, I have been enjoying a newfound sense of abundant comfort throughout my entire Being, the likes of which I’d never previously experienced.”

678 818 5891

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