Maria works at Hippocrates Health Institute, a famous and expensive alternative medicine “spa.” She is a Peruvian shaman. She knows the power of energy and universal harmony. Yet, she could not figure out why she developed masses in her left breast.

Through Shaktipat Therapy we worked on the emotional level. We found the root cause of her physical manifestations was the trauma of being separated from her family as a baby. She remembered leaving her home for the final time. As a baby she knew no coping responses. Not being able to transcend the trauma, she would repeat patterns of abandonment throughout her entire life. Unconsciously she was telling herself that she was not deserving of being loved and so, will always be abandoned.

Her thoughts created matter and her emotions became cells in her breast. The fatty tissue of the breast is easily susceptible to toxins and toxic emotions. I find that emotions of love often affect the breasts because we associate the heart with love.

On the energetic level, we had two sessions in which we concentrated on unblocking the stagnant energy in her Muladhara Chakra (The Muladhara Chakra is a convergence of energy in our lower body that attributes to emotional feelings of support and trust.) and bringing higher vibrations of energy into her breast to dissolve the formed matter mass.

I have learned to be an open vessel of higher spiritual energy. This flowing life-force energy has it’s own consciousness. It is this energy that tells me wherein the physical body the dis-ease lies. It is this energy that can remove the negative emotions, limiting ideas and physical manifestations of emotional-energy-matter. It is this energy that fills a recipient with the sensation of euphoric love and gratitude. The term Shaktipat refers to the transference of energy between two people, awakening one to a “realer” consciousness. That is what I do and now what I teach others to do. If I can do it, anyone can. We are all born with the ability to be completely in harmony with universal life-force energy and to be able to heal others who have lost their focus on it.

Maria has no official documentation of the seemingly miraculous healing. She never went to a doctor. When she came to me the lumps in her breasts were obvious and now they are obviously gone. The awakening she experienced has brought her to a sense of more profound purpose in life. She is healthy, free of stress. Her only complaint is that now it seems that her left breast is smaller than the other. Most importantly Maria has awakened to her self worth and spiritual truth and has become a healer for others.

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