The new mammogram is completely clear; comparing it to the one she received a few months ago covered the cancerous tumors. Flowing with joy and gratitude,

“Heidi” splayed on the kitchen table all of her hospital tests and documents, including a written warning from her doctor that her refusal to cooperate would lead to a mastectomy.

For two years “Heidi” endured tremendous pain. She was found to have cancerous tumors in her right breast. She heeded all the warnings, exposed herself to all the doctors and tests and continued to suffer. “Heidi” works in the medical field; she knows how it runs and the obsession on surgery. When the doctor suggested slicing her breast open for a biopsy. She turned toward alternate ideas of healing, and the difference between disease and dis-ease.

Everything we see (and all that we don’t see) in the universe is energy. Energy inherently is in a state of constant flow, ever changing and ever expanding. We too are energy. We are inherently in a state of constant flow, ever changing and expanding. When stagnated by emotional trauma, our energy stops, crystalizes and becomes physical aliments. Our energy is now in a state of dis-ease. Dis-ease is only the opposite of ease. To come back into ease, we come back to our inherent state of energetic flow.

Each experience in our lives creates emotional imprints at the Cellular level in our bodies. 
Scientifically speaking, Neuropeptides are biological chemicals triggered by emotions. In so doing our thoughts create matter and our emotions become cells.

As Caroline Myss, PH.D. says “Our Biography becomes our biography.”

Some events create such fear, sadness, or other negative emotional content that we become stuck, not able to create freely in that area of our life. These “energy patterns” affect our beliefs, attitudes and decisions from moment to moment and are known as Cellular Memory. By accessing the body’s memory at the cellular level, these blocks can be removed, and more freedom experienced. You can experience life more in the present time by removing the energy blocks that have you living out of your past programming.

Through Shaktipat Energy Healing the masses in “Heidi’s” breast were realized for what they were, energy, caused by underlying dis-ease on an emotional level.
We distinguished the emotional causes of the patterns in her cellular memory.

Using myself as a vessel of higher energy, we changed her cells.

In a couple of two-hour sessions I worked with her, energetically releasing the emotional cellular memory, breaking up the physical coagulations of negative energy, flooding her being with dynamic loving energy.

She is now FREE of any pain. All abnormalities are officially GONE.

She has not only healed her breasts but, healed her uterine fibroids and has opened her life to love with a new loving partner. (A regular side effect of Tantric Energy Healing).

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