(During this telephone session shared from many states and a couple “states” away, I could feel, as I reached my hand down into her abdomen, the story of unworthiness, that she has written every day since she was a little girl on her cells. This coating has painted her world with an unworthiness of abundance, of loving sexual partners, of her own singing voice. I use the energy that runs through us all to reach in and pull that negativity our of her, replacing the void with higher love.) Elet

In Boca or Bangalore, there is nothing that separates us. We are flowing, conscious energy waves. This energy can be contained, made malleable and transmuted. I “feel” you over the phone. I can fill you with long distance love. Let this beautiful testimonial bring hope and inspire you to take the first step. It is time to feel good.

“Thank you for a very beautiful and powerful session. My solar plexus feels quite different, very spacious, and I can feel a much-improved flow of energy up my spine. I am hoping that the improved solar plexus center will help my abdomen heal more quickly and completely so as to avoid the surgery that has been mentioned to me.

After we hung up, I laid down for a good twenty minutes just feeling the new space. I found myself having to sing a little before I could relax into it. As I settled down and began to really feel the love moving through my being, I found myself smiling and tossing my arms out as though I were flying. It was a wonderful feeling, and one I am still experiencing today. I am feeling a lightness of my heart center that I cannot remember feeling for many, many years. I came out of the office to see a beautifully bright tail of a rainbow which lasted for a good 15 minutes and “followed” me for several miles on my way home. Another blessing as it was the first I’ve seen this spring (we’re still getting snow!).

For a long time afterward, I could feel energy moving in my root chakra as well as resistance to that movement. Whereas my upper body was feeling so much freedom, I could, by contrast, feel the amount of tension still held in my pelvic floor. I felt some release of that as the energy continued to move, but not all so I know there is more for me to release. I know there had been movement of energy out through my feet, however, because when I got up it was very painful to walk. When I looked I had a bruise at the base of one of my toes which was most definitely not there when we started. So strange! Last night I dreamed of an ice rink (strange since I can’t skate) and racing faster and faster around it, which felt delicious in my legs and again like flying, so I know that this energy is still processing. I am looking forward to discovering how this new internal space will play out in my life and plan on making more time to “fill up”.

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