As I lay my hand on her second chakra, I can feel her pain. It is only a slight sensation that I have practiced sensing, through specific meditation techniques, becoming open to the consciousness-energy that imbues all creation. I draw my accepting hand in deeper. As an empath, pain is a certain warm, low vibration. I close my eyes to bring my total attention to my palm and feel the heat blocked from flowing from her first chakra. As I run my hands up and down her torso I am instinctively drawn to specific areas, drawn into the energy centers like warm pools of swirling water.

I lead her through a relaxation process and pranayama. To allow better receptivity, I need my recipient to open to the present moment, not dreaming of the grocery store. When accompanied by meditation, bringing the wandering attention of the mind to one pointed focus on the ebb and flow of the breath, we can slow our body and mind down. By releasing the sensation of breath we become receivers of flowing consciousness. I let her feel my own deep, slow rhythm, until we are synchronized, exhaling in union. This creates a wave that can be felt physically.
In my meditation I no longer feel my presence as form. I can “see” vibration and all is vibration, my being, her being and the being-ness between us is all a five- dimensional field of varying vibration. I “see” the trapped static vibration in her hips, it is the pleading for release of emotions left unexpressed.

I move her, working her body with the art of Thai Yoga, but sensing her body on a cellular level. I take a firm yet gentle hold of her ankles and lift her leg upright and over her head, till I feel the tension register like a distant echo. I lean my body weight through my cupped hand into an exact point in the taut hamstrings, opening the muscle tissue to blood, oxygen and energy flow. I feel the fight of the muscles, unfamiliar with and resistant to the exotic position. Through breathing and massage I feel the moment of release, when her mind gives up fighting and the body relaxes. The negative emotion was a response to perceived past deception of trust. In the stillness, I feel her perception shift as her energy softens, even her closed eyes relax more. “Good, good” I offer in positive reinforcement. A tear escapes her. I place my left hand on her heart chakra, letting her know she is safe in this moment to be unguarded, to allow her emotions out.
I turn her on her side, facing away from me. I create a closed circuit by contacting points on her spine, sacrum and nape of the neck. Her energy body vibrates, lighting up like a Christmas tree. I stimulate the lamina groove by plucking the tight muscle group up her back like a guitar string. The energy released here, I allow out through the head, by removing blockages from the cartilage surrounding the cranial connection. This is strong work so after I finish here, I massage specific pressure points on the skull. Giving her peaceful vibrations generated in my own harmony.

Moving her onto her stomach I assume Thai Yoga asanas as I work vertebrae by vertebrae releasing all tension living subversively within her cellular memory. Each experience in our life leaves imprints at the cellular level in our body, Some events create fear, sadness, mistrust and disbelief in ourselves that become stuck forever. Most all of the session, the physical, mental and emotional surrendering, the expulsion of toxic metabolic waste and the release of old emotional stress is preparing for cellular level healing, like plowing a field of past cellular imprints before sowing new seeds of peace, love and joy.

So far through the session I have worked, opening the channel of each meridian in the body from head to toe, clearing each chakra, re-aligning muscles and skeleton, massaging her entire body, her hair, fingers and toes.
I gently lay her on her back. I sit in Puja next to her, intuiting to lay my hand on her second chakra. I feel the energy reach up to meet mine. It is tangible, sensual, moveable. I have found in my experiments, there is validity to the idea of closed energy circuits when we come in contact with other souls, like sitting in Yab Yum, like touching hearts while looking into another’s eyes. I place her hand on my knee to finish the circle of my hand on her stomach. I can feel the surge, the flow, it warms me, it makes my body sway, it brings me to a deeper state of trance as I open to the divine. I gather this consciousness-energy in specific ways, let it build, still it, focus it, and feel my being open. I emanate through my body, and palm specifically, like a flashlight.

As I let loose, I feel the vibrations grow exponentially through her till it shakes her body in spasms. I open my eyes and watch the energy flowing, cascading up through her groins, torso, and head. Her fingers, quivering, grasp at air. Her eyes roll back in bliss.

There is a non-verbal communication between our energies that has little to do with their containers. I control the rhythm, the intensity. I feel her allow it, I feel her taken by it. It is completely malleable to me, I can shape it and move it, stilling and exciting her varying levels of conscious being. With purpose, I run it through her body, sometimes sitting with my hands in my lap, sometime lightly stroking her. I let the power build and build, shaking her, moving her to a heated climax… then I take her heart chakra with both hands, give her all of me. I accept all of her and am immediately engulfed in years of sadness, in spiritual longing, it comes up my arms and through my heart. I exhale it, allowing myself to cry for her, for me, this is my purpose on earth, in this very moment, I AM. I take her pain. I let flow into her, pure God love and I feel her cry out until the surge is spent. I breath her in again, again pain, heartache, years of confusion, wishes, self-worthlessness, “please take this pain away from this soul, let me have it.” I am put to my test as my cup overflows, even as I continue to suck it all in, taking it, holding it, not moving, not breathing till I feel it release it’s hold from her. I openly weep as it comes through my body, my arms and legs, my heart, my soul. I am nothing but this pain, nothing but love.

In it’s absence, I open again, concentrating “energy-muscles” deep in my body and push with all I have, all the love in the world, into her open wound, into her womb. I create and ride the waves of ecstatic bliss, touching her heart, caressing her soul, bathing her in angelic joy. Her breathing gently slows, her heartbeat relaxes.

I can tell she doesn’t want it to end, but like a father, after two hours, I know she has had enough for one day. I have come to know, by experience, sometimes we can engender immediate kundalini upheaval blowing our lids, sometimes a person needs to go slowly. Instant bliss can be traumatic.
I cover her spent body and massage her neck, her temples, bringing her back to Earth.

What is all this, this work, this energy, this talk about God love? I have never admitted before, I know, I just cannot explain it. This is why, everyone, I say at a certain level words are worthless.

There is an consciousness-energy that sustains all living beings. Through REAL meditation, not visualization, or laying about listening to whale sounds, we can attract more fully what is ever present and make use of what is running through us.

“This energy is directed through the Chakras and Energy Meridians within the body and taps into the Cellular Memory, which allows healing to occur at the deepest level. All of your past programming and energetic blocks are uprooted and released. The result is a real change in who you are and how you are living your life.” Elaine Caban..

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