“I’ve been a Reiki Master for over nine years, but Elet’s work is so much more profound.

Elet is the most powerful Energy Master I’ve ever met and is an amazing healer, he touches me very deeply every time he works on me. Today he didn’t even do the Thai Massage, just ran energy through my body the entire time. My body responds with shaking as the blockages are removed and then with waves of energy. The results are similar to what I achieve with a rebirthing session but this is much simpler because nothing is required of me besides receptivity and trust.

Sometimes I feel heat and discomfort when a blockage is being removed, other times I feel an opening and a sweet whoosh of energy moving through me. Once I had an especially profound experience when I coughed strongly as my throat was being healed of something that appeared to be past life-related. I was in such a profound state of healing that I couldn’t stand up midsession and had to crawl to go to the bathroom. Then I had a rush of insights about the profoundness of where my own work as a healer is going and a sweet affirmation of my path.

There’s something very safe and reassuring about the trance state that Elet works out of. Today he worked on my heart and I could hear him crying, I opened my eyes to look up at him and it felt as though he were taking something on for me and moving it through himself. Afterwards, as always, I was left with a profound sense of relaxation, wholeness and peace. I’m very grateful for Elet’s work. He’s empowered me and catalyzed my healing and my growth in many ways.

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