I’ll never be able to explain to you how meaningful it was the first time you worked with me…those tears were a nearly a decade over due. I had prided myself on the fact that nothing got to me, that I never cry, that the walls I had built were so sturdy and my guards so fierce. But you…so simply, so gently, so easily dissolved the mortar, dismissed the guards, and left trees and flowers in place of my walls. Thank you will never be sufficient.

Of course, I’m sitting in that garden in unfamiliar territory. Half of the time I am elated- bursting, oozing, and radiant with happiness and love. For all the time I spent protecting myself from hurt and sadness I unknowingly muted happiness and love and joy- and it was all half-felt, half-lived. The other half of the time I am scared and vulnerable and I don’t know what to do with that. I’m learning. I’m trying not to fall back on old habits, trying to remain bare trying not to cover and hide.

I’m grateful for your presence

“I worked with ‘Aria’ in two 90 minute sessions. I used a base modality of Thai Massage to open the Energy Body, and once I felt her awaken, I was able to energetically pinpoint and connect with an energy block inhabiting her heart center.

I could feel the source of powerful pain, such remorse, that she had been internalizing it for year, keeping it from being expressed and keeping it in her physical body. A blocked heart center will often inhibit our true self expression and the ability to attract new experiences. She had become numb to pain and so pleasure.

In the couple months proceeding our work, her life has completely changed. She left her emotionally abusive marriage, she’s traveling and rekindling her true joy and talent, writing poetry every day.

I checked in with her the other day and she is living vibrantly, expreriencing and expressing love easily and life’s pleasures joyfully. She is no longer indecisive in what she wants in life and feels completely in her power to expand.

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